Intelia Controllers Unlock Production Potential

Lizzy Schultz

The 2016 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) is all about innovation, with several companies using the expo to showcase innovative new strategies to help improve production. Intelia has always been a standout when it comes to electronic innovations, and their latest products offer producers the potential to see exceptional improvements in both production and sustainability efforts. The Canadian company, …

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Dr. Robert Fraley: Innovation Feeds Our World

Lizzy Schultz

Monsanto‘s GMO crop technology is arguably one of the most influential innovations of the past century; while it remains incredibly controversial among members of the public, the science has led to unprecedented advancements throughout the realm of biotechnology, and has held a key role in the process of creating a food secure world. This year marks the 20th anniversary of …

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Cargill Acquires Format International Ltd.

Lizzy Schultz

Cargill announced this week that the company has officially completed the acquisition of Format International Ltd., a leading global feed formulation software company with more than 30 years of experience and more than 5,000 users across 93 countries. The acquisition will allow Cargill to continue its commitment to provide the most innovative solutions to customers by giving the company an …

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Alltech Looks to Future at #NAFB15

Lizzy Schultz

Alltech had several representatives on hand during the 2015 National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) Convention to discuss their efforts to “future-proof” the company’s latest innovations by ensuring that any transitions in technology will provide producers with continued or increased success in the future. Antibiotics are one of the major points of discussion for the livestock industry this year, and …

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FutureCow Introduces ComfortBrush for Calves

Lizzy Schultz

The cow care experts at FutureCow announced this week that they have introduced a new addition to the ComfortBrush line of automated grooming products. ComfortBrush for calves is the first automated brush designed specifically for calves, with features that work to help enrich calf development and growth. “The FutureCow ComfortBrush for calves is the latest innovation in our line of …

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Qiagen Pathogen Kit Ensures Swine Health

Lizzy Schultz

New studies performed by QIAGEN show that the recently launched MagAttract 96 cador Pathogen Kit, which is based on the cador family reagents and uses magnetic bead technology, is equivalent in performance to the swine industry’s worldwide recognized gold standard QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit in swine oral fluid pathogen DNA and RNA extraction. The addition of the new pathogen …

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GEA Robotic Milkers Impress at WDE

Lizzy Schultz

GEA Engineering Group made an impressive presence at the 2015 World Dairy Expo, showcasing an expansive trade show booth centered around the company’s DairyProQ robotic rotary milking parlor. “It’s been the center point of the booth, there have been lots of people talking about it, lots of people coming and looking at it,” said Robotic Sales Specialist Paul Burdell during …

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AQHA Unveils New Website

Lizzy Schultz

AQHA recently unveiled their new website, featuring an overhaul of the member services area, and a clean, new design on each section of the site, which is now fully responsive and viewable on all mobile devices. The primary goal of the new site design is providing a more user-friendly business environment for members. The new site will require members to …

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Acres and Avenues Connects Consumers To Dairy

Lizzy Schultz

Dairy Management Inc.(DMI) has launched “Acres + Avenues,” an initiative to protect and grow public trust in dairy, to advance the conversation and help people reconnect with dairy farmers who producers. Acres and Avenues is a three episode web series, featuring seven and a half minute videos, and works to reveal the shared values and parallels in the lives of …

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Trimble S1100 Onboard Weighing Solution

Jamie Johansen

Trimble announced the availability of the Trimble® S1100 onboard weighing system offering farmers and ranchers a high-accuracy solution for measuring and weighing hay bales and other livestock feed handled using a tractor, forklift or skid steer. With highly accurate weight measurements available to the operator in the cab, farmers can better control the quantity and cost of hay bales and …

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