25 Years of Helping Feed Tomorrow – Novus International

Jamie Johansen

A mission to “make a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing global needs for nutrition and health” has lead Novus International to pledge commitment to customers and global stakeholders through a Triple-S Bottomline: solutions, service and sustainability. That commitment began 25 years ago and we helped their team celebrate last week at their headquarters in St. Charles, MO. Novus …

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DeLaval Releases Video On Innovation

Lizzy Schultz

As a part of National Dairy month, DeLaval has released a video, titled “Your Future is Our Why,” that highlights the company’s long term commitments to sustainability and innovation in the dairy industry, and showcases how those two concepts are incredibly interconnected. “We’re the innovation engine of this industry and we’re not going anywhere,” the video states. “We’re gonna be …

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New Holland is 'Equipped for a New World'

Jamie Johansen

With both National Ag Day and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as its stage, New Holland has revealed a new brand campaign focused on a drive to help prepare the agricultural industry for what’s ahead: a new world that demands more from the land and the pioneering individuals who grow, farm, and build on it every day. More than seven …

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Purdue Study Reveals ManureMagic Success

Lizzy Schultz

DryLet, LLC recently announced the results of a Purdue University study that highlight the ability of ManureMagic to reduce deadly hydrogen sulfide gas and noxious odors generated in pig farming operations. The 42-Day study was conducted by Dr. Albert Heber in Purdue’s Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering. The research tested the efficacy of ManureMagic in reducing hydrogen sulfide, as …

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Common Ground Takes Families Out To Ranch

Lizzy Schultz

CommonGround has launched a new video on animal welfare, highlighting how ranchers care for their animals. The short piece features Colorado CommonGround volunteer and rancher Kelsey Pope and her mother, Cindy Frasier, and helps consumers that are actively looking for the story behind their food. The video shows Pope and her family out together working on their ranch. Together, Frasier …

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Smashing Stereotypes About Women In Farming

Lizzy Schultz

While an abundance of stereotypes have painted agriculture as a male-dominated industry in the public’s eye, livestock producers know that on a farm, it is your work ethic, not your gender, that makes you a valuable farmer, and four female pig farmers have stood up the smash the “boys game” stereotypes in a new video circulating the internet. The video, …

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Novus Plans for the Future

Lizzy Schultz

Novus International is planning for a sustainable future, and Francois Fraudeau, President of Novus International, was on hand during the 2016 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) to discuss the company’s commitment to sustainability from both a business standpoint and as part of their mission to help producers feed the world. “Resources are coming to a point where there is …

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Takin' A New Holland Ride at #BeefMeet

Jamie Johansen

Who wouldn’t love a job where you can jump in the cab of a tractor any day of the week. And you can tell Gary Wojcik, Mid-range Tractors Brand Marketing Manager for New Holland, loves his job. I jumped into the co-pilot seat during the New Holland tractor demo at the 2016 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show so …

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Ralco Invests in Drug-Free Mill

Lizzy Schultz

Ralco Animal Nutrition announced the company’s recently remodeled mill in Marshall, MN will only manufacture non-medicated products. The 44-year-old company was founded on a principle of feeding livestock naturally, while emphasizing the necessity of understanding the important role medications and antibiotics play in treating sick animals. The company will continue to support producers that require medicated feed through another Ralco …

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