Promoting Brown Swiss Youth Activities at WDE

Lizzy Schultz

The Brown Swiss was another breed of dairy cattle celebrated at this year’s World Dairy Expo, and the Brown Swiss Cattle Association (BSCA) made a presence of their own at the Expo. The association had several youth activities held during the event, and Skyler DeGroft, Youth Advisor for BSCA, sat down for an interview during this year’s Expo. “We’re here …

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Merck’s Latest Updates to Dairy Care365

Lizzy Schultz

Merck Animal Health was on hand during the 2016 World Dairy Expo to talk with producers about the latest updates to Dairy Care365, an online training series that was developed to train, equip and support dairy producers, employees and veterinarians so they’re able to provide the best possible care for dairy animals 365 days a year. Dr. Mike Bolton, DVM, …

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Meet the Dairy Expo Fitting Contest Champion

Lizzy Schultz

A total of twenty-two young attendees participated in the Youth Fitting Contest held at this year’s World Dairy Expo, and Levi Banowetz, of Charlotte, Iowa, was this year’s champion in the male division. The contest, which was open to youth ages 13 – 21, allowed contestants 60 minutes to get their animal to show ready, and judged on the following …

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Alltech’s Research Guides Producers Into VFD

Jamie Johansen

The Veterinarian Feed Directive (VFD) is no longer a new term used in the animal ag world, in part because companies like Alltech have stepped up to help educate their customers on the guidelines which will take affect January 1, 2017. During the World Dairy Expo I spoke with Dr. Amanda Gehman, a research project manager who focuses on applied …

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Merck Receives USDA License for BOVILIS CORONAVIRUS

Jamie Johansen

The 2016 World Dairy Expo was the perfect venue for Merck Animal Health to debut their BOVILIS® CORONAVIRUS, the 1st USDA-approved modified-live intranasal vaccine to aid in reduction of enteric disease caused by Bovine Coronavirus (BCV). BCV is commonly transferred by animals during periods of stress, including shipping, parturition, cold weather, commingling or delivery to a backgrounding facility or feedyard. …

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Interest Growing for Robotic Milking Systems

Lizzy Schultz

Between the growing world’s increased production demands, consistently low milk prices, and the public push for stricter production and quality standards, dairy farmers are facing several significant challenges. Innovative solutions are necessary to help producers navigate through the changes and pressures facing the industry, and more farmers than ever are turning to automation technology from companies like GEA. The company …

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Holstein Registration Continues to Thrive

Lizzy Schultz

Their signature black and white markings make the Holstein one of the most easily recognizable breeds of dairy cattle, but it is the breed’s superior milk production traits and strong ability to thrive that has led the Holstein to become the most popular dairy breed in the world. Behind every great breed of livestock is a superb breed association, and …

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Accelerated Genetics Celebrates Milestone

Jamie Johansen

Accelerated Genetics is celebrating 75 years as a cooperative and just happens to be one of the original supporters of the World Dairy Expo. As the Expo celebrated it’s 50th anniversary, Accelerated Genetics was honored to say they have been a part of each since year one. Accelerated Genetics’ Industry Relations Coordinator, Kari Stanek, said they have had the same …

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Celebrating The Masters of Wisconsin Cheese

Lizzy Schultz

The World Dairy Expo hosts and celebrates a global audience of dairy producers each year, but the Wisconsin dairy industry has always remained a standout on the event’s international platform. The state is a milk production powerhouse, producing a record 29 billion pounds of milk last year, but the product Wisconsin is truly famous for is cheese, thanks in large …

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Jersey Breed Shines at 2016 World Dairy Expo

Lizzy Schultz

Seven breeds of dairy cattle are celebrated each year at the World Dairy Expo, but the 2016 expo was a big year for the Jersey breed. Musgie Iatola Martha-ET, a Jersey cow owned by MilkSource Genetics of Kaukauna, Wisconsin, was named the Supreme Champion of this year’s event, and the American Jersey Cattle Association was on hand during the 2016 …

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