2018 CUTC is a Wrap

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The first Corn Utilization and Technology Conference was held 30 years ago. Since 1987, CUTC has brought together leading innovators to focus on new uses for corn with the goals of expanding markets and demand while improving quality and efficiency.

National Corn Growers Association CEO Chris Novak says this year’s conference this week was another great success for the future of the industry. “Corn can be at the forefront of a biobased economy,” said Novak. “We have the opportunity to use corn and corn products to replace petrochemicals in a way that will create additional demand for our farmers and create more sustainable products.”

Listen to Novak’s wrap up interview from CUTC: CUTC interview with NCGA CEO Chris Novak

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2018 World Pork Expo Showcases Everything Pig

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The 2018 World Pork Expo is celebrating 30 years this week at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Presented by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) since 1987, this year’s expo includes a record-setting trade show, expanded seminar lineup, elite swine shows, and an abundance of delicious pork!

Organizers expect approximately 20,000 producers, employees, industry specialists and other pork professionals, including 1,000 international visitors, to participate in Expo’s three days. From the beginning, Expo has featured the world’s largest pork-specific trade show, but this year, it’s even bigger. New to Expo, the Jacobson Exhibition Center (JEC) will join the Varied Industries building to display products, services and technologies from more than 500 U.S. and international companies.

Visitors also will find more outdoor exhibits throughout the fairgrounds. The Expo’s trade show exceeds 360,000 square feet this year, making it more than 40,000 square feet larger than in 2017.

Among the exhibitors is Alltech, and we will be finding out more about the nutritional technologies they offer to help pig producers overcome challenges to support pig health and producer profitability.

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Emerging Technologies: From the Feed to the Cloud

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The farms of the future will likely use Cloud computing and real-time data to monitor livestock production. These emerging technologies present a huge opportunity in places like the Asia Pacific region, where everything is growing and pig production is booming, according to Art Frio, independent pig production and nutrition consultant.

“There will be hesitation, as always. New things come at a price,” said Frio, who presented at ONE 18: The Alltech Ideas Conference. “But then again, if you look at what they want, they really want information. They really want it quick. Nowadays we have what we call the microwave generation, where nobody can wait for 10 seconds anymore. So, I guess the modern farmers, the new generation of farmers that I’m working with – even maybe outside of Asia Pacific – could be wanting all of this information as quick as possible.”

Frio said much of the information recorded on today’s farms does not get used because it’s not processed in a timely fashion. In a place like the Asia Pacific region where pork production and consumption is growing very quickly, he believes farmers will be left behind if they don’t embrace technology that will allow them to use the Cloud to gather, store and process data in real time.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Art here: Interview with Art Frio, Independent Consultant

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Animal Ag Bites 6/4

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  • The National Pork Producers called for a swift resolution of the United States-China trade dispute, paving the way for increased U.S. pork exports to the world’s largest pork-consuming nation. According to Iowa State University Economist Dermot Hayes, U.S. pork producers have lost $2.2 billion on an annualized basis due to events leading up to and following China’s 25 percent punitive tariffs in retaliation for U.S. tariffs on aluminum and steel.
  • There’s still time to register for the 2018 World Pork Expo! It’s the 30th year and registration is free to journalists covering the event. Request your official media badge and parking pass now.
  • This June, in honor of National Dairy Month, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy is partnering with nearly 40,000 family farms, processors and dairy brands to spotlight the many people who are devoted to dairy. The month-long celebration will kick off year two of the Undeniably Dairy campaign and will rally communities from coast to coast to salute people’s passion for dairy. Since launching one year ago, the multi-year Undeniably Dairy campaign has sought to reignite consumers’ love for dairy while helping to bring them closer to the farm and to the people behind their favorite dairy foods.
  • The USPOULTRY Foundation research advisory committee met in Atlanta earlier this spring to review the next round of research pre-proposals. At the meeting, three new members were elected to serve on the committee, including Lynn Bagley, Pitman Family Farms; Dr. Roy Brister, Tyson Foods, Inc.; and Dave Townsend, Pilgrim’s Corp. Leaving the committee were Dr. Don McIntyre, Diamond V, and Dr. Tom Frost, DSM Nutritional Products.
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Alltech Focused on Fish Nutrition, Sustainability

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Scientists in the field of aquaculture are working to produce a premium product sustainably, and nutrition is a key part of that goal.

At ONE 18: The Alltech Ideas Conference, Dr. Philip Lyons shared some challenges and successes of the aquaculture industry with participants.

“I think the biggest challenge is that at the moment a vast majority of feeds for carnivorous fish are made up of raw materials that are derived from the wild environment,” said Lyons, research scientist at Coppens International, an Alltech company. “From wild fish stocks, fish meal still makes up a large proportion of aqua feeds. And we really need to think of innovative ways to replace these because it’s not environmentally sustainable to take fish from the sea and put it into formulated diets for farmed fish and it doesn’t make sense to do that.”

Lyons said Alltech has already had some success with removing the fish oil component and replacing that with micro algae to get the same level of performance. But the protein side is still a challenge that the whole industry has to overcome. The company is actively looking at alternatives and conducting trials to see the digestibility of those alternatives in fish. Replacements with potential include insect meal and high protein bacterial meal.

Lyons said the company is also fine tuning mineral nutrition, as mineral requirements published for fish are old and outdated. Phosphorous retention is another focus to be sure there is no excretion of excess phosphorous into the environment. He is also excited about a new project researching gut health in fish.

Listen to Jamie’s interview here: Interview with Dr. Philip Lyons, Coppens International

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Poultry Researchers Tackle Woody Breast Syndrome

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A growing problem for the poultry industry is woody breast syndrome, a muscle myopathy that affects the most popular cut of poultry.

While it doesn’t pose any harm to the consumer or the bird, it results in a product that is not palatable. In 2017, woody breast syndrome cost the U.S. poultry industry an estimated $200 million. Due to changes in government regulations, that number could grow to $500 million in losses in 2018. The problem is even more prevalent in European countries and in Brazil. Researchers are still trying to identify a cause.

“We need to look at this issue from a multi-faceted approach,” said Dr. Rebecca Delles, an Alltech research scientist who presented at ONE 18: The Alltech Ideas Conference. “I think everybody has been hoping for this silver bullet to solve every single issue, but we’re not going to see it. It’s probably not going to happen. We need geneticists to work with us, we need the managers of these poultry farms to work with us, and ultimately, we also need to reexamine the nutrition and what we’re feeding these birds and how we’re raising them to solve this issue.”

Delles said meat scientists are collaborating across the globe to address woody breast syndrome, as poultry is now the number one meat consumed worldwide. They believe genetics play a part, but are not the sole cause of the problem. Other factors may include hatchery conditions, management, and diet.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Dr. Delles here: Interview with Dr. Rebecca Delles, Alltech

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Bytes: Tech That Feeds Us

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KEENAN CEO Robert Walker explored the future of technology and data as it relates to agriculture and the food chain at ONE 18: The Alltech Ideas Conference.

“Ag tech is shrinking the food chain,” said Walker. “It’s making communication up and down the food chain a lot better, quicker, and ultimately that is going to be to the benefit of every member of that food chain, and especially to the consumer at the very end.”

While KEENAN mixer wagons already feature technologies that help farmers to work with nutritionists as they ensure they are feeding the correct rations for optimum performance from their cattle, Walker said there are more capabilities to come. He said data collection right now is focused at the farm level, and used primarily by the farmer. But Walker believes stakeholders up and down the food chain from feed mills to processors to retailers and even consumers could benefit from data collection and analysis that is already taking place on many farms. It appears digital technologies like blockchain might even further shorten the food chain.

Walker said farmers are passionate about what they do and will collaborate if there is benefit to doing so. He said data sharing needs to happen only with the farmer’s permission, but also pointed out that others might share the in the costs of data collection. He said Alltech companies want to move from a descriptive approach to a predictive approach when it comes to collecting data as they work to better meet the needs of their customers.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Robert Walker here: Interview with Robert Walker, KEENAN

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China’s Impact on U.S. Beef Demand

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China reopened its borders to United States beef in 2017, but that historic decision sparked both challenges and opportunities for American beef producers, according to Ian Lahiffe, Lead of Operations, Allfex Livestock Intelligence.

Lahiffe said beef consumption has almost doubled in China over the past 10-15 years, but Chinese consumers are accustomed to grass-fed beef primarily from Brazil or Australia that costs 30 percent less than beef from the United States. He said U.S. beef producers will have to reintroduce Chinese consumers to grain-fed beef and carcass quality.

The good news is that the younger generation in China is consuming much more beef than their older counterparts, especially when they eat out. Lahiffe said research shows a clear generational divide between those consumption habits. Additionally, the a younger Chinese generation has more available income and many are chasing the “Chinese Dream” and are willing to pay for what they perceive to be the best product, at whatever cost.

However, Lahiffe warned that current trade wars are having a significant impact.

“This tariff affects confidence,” Lahiffe said. “The fear is when the relationship between the two countries isn’t so good, the Chinese mightn’t ban U.S. beef, but it might be sitting in the port for awhile.”

Lahiffe sees Chinese consumption and demand as an incredible opportunity. He believes those who are willing to invest in the best supply chain, and who can adapt to and understand the needs of Chinese consumers will reap the benefits in the long run.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Ian here: Interview with Ian Lahiffe, Allflex Livestock Intelligence

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Animal Ag Bites 5/29

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  • U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) is releasing a video that demonstrates what poultry and egg farms can expect if their farms are inspected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To ensure the information is accurate and beneficial, USPOULTRY collaborated with EPA personnel to develop and produce the video.
  • A new study funded by National Dairy Council (NDC) shows that healthy, pre-menopausal women who consumed low-fat yogurt before meals reduced their risk for inflammation following the meal. The research was conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Dave Chamberlin recently joined Vita Plus as the swine technical sales manager for the eastern region swine team. Chamberlin will play a key role in developing the swine team in the eastern region by providing nutritional programming, product development, and brand awareness of Vita Plus products and services.
  • The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association applauded the introduction of the Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act, saying it would reform federal Hours of Service rules in a way that ensures animal welfare, highway safety, and the well-being of livestock haulers.
  • U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award. The award recognizes exemplary environmental stewardship by family farmers engaged in poultry and egg production. Those eligible for the award include any family-owned poultry grower or egg producer supplying product to a USPOULTRY member or an independent producer who is a USPOULTRY member. Nominations are due Oct. 1.
  • Ambassador Gregg Doud, chief agricultural negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and Greg Ibach, USDA Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, will address investors of the National Pork Producers Council at World Pork Expo on June 6 and 7. Under Secretary Ibach speaks on June 6; Ambassador Doud speaks on June 7.
  • Brookside Agra has developed an effective, simple protocol for using Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate to compost animal carcasses. A video explaining the process can be viewed online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2_bysyZoXY.
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ZimmCast 585 – ONE 18, Alltech Ideas Conference

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In this week’s program I’m sharing several interviews from the ONE 18, Alltech Ideas Conference.

First up is Aidan Connolly, Alltech VP, who talks about technology and what he hopes to convey to attendees this year.

Next up is USDA Under Secretary Bill Northey. Bill talks Farm Bill, RFS and his department, Farm and Foreign Agriculture Service.

Finally, you will hear from @TheFarmBabe, Michelle Miller, who talks about how she became interested in agvocating and is now considered a top social media influencer for agriculture.

There is a lot more you can listen to from ONE 18 by visiting our virtual ag newsroom on AgNewsWire.com.

Listen to the ZimmCast here: ZimmCast 585 – ONE 18, Alltech Ideas Conference

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for listening.

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