UW-Madison's Dairy Club Presents Award To Accelerated Genetics

Chuck Zimmerman

Bob Holterman Receives AwardOur sponsor, Accelerated Genetics received a nice award recently.

Bob Holterman, Vice President of Marketing from Accelerated Genetics, was honored to attend UW-Madison’s Badger Dairy Club Annual Banquet on April 21st, to accept the “Guest of Honor” award given to Accelerated Genetics. This award is given to an individual or company within the agriculture industry that has helped, supported and guided the Badger Dairy Club throughout the year. Pictured with Bob Holterman, is the 2005-06 BDC Secretary, Haley Mell.

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Halloween Official Drink is Chocolate Milk

Chuck Zimmerman

IDFA Holloween Retail IncentiveWhat would be better to wash down a couple pounds of chocolates and other assorted candies than a cold glass of chocolate milk? Nothing.

The MilkPEP people have decided that chocolate milk is the official drink of Halloween. Good idea. It needed something wholesome and nutritious.

The month-long promotion in October encourages consumers to buy this healthy treat and offers retailers a chance to boost their sales during this fun and popular holiday. Each mass merchandiser, convenience store, drug store and supermarket that registers for the promotion will receive a point-of-sale kit that includes a banner, wobblers and static clings. In addition, stores will receive prizes for featuring flavored milk in their advertising during October. Retailers can pick either a larger quantity of lower value prizes or a smaller quantity of higher value prizes. Prizes, which include DVD systems, MP3 players and CD players, can be used for in-store giveaways, employee incentives or any other way the retailer chooses. Early prize shipping is available for qualified stores.

The sign-up deadline is July 24. Processors and American Dairy Association Key Account representatives can find sell sheets, order forms and account lists in the Halloween section of www.milkpep.org or by calling the milk hotline at 1-800-945-MILK (6455).

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CWT Export Assistance Bids

Chuck Zimmerman

Cooperatives Working TogetherHere’s the latest from Cooperatives Working Together:

  • Cooperatives Working Together announced Thursday that it has accepted three export assistance bids, two for whole milk powder, and a third for cheese. The first two bids for whole milk powder, from Humboldt Creamery of Fortuna, CA, are to facilitate the export of 150 metric tons (330,000 pounds) to Turkey, and another 16 metric tons (35,200 lbs.) to El Salvador. This is the first time CWT has exported product to El Salvador. The second bid, from Dairy Farmers of America of Kansas City, MO, is to export 1.2 metric tons (2,640 lbs.) of individually-packaged Cheddar cheese to Panama.
  • Cooperatives Working Together announced Tuesday that it has accepted three export assistance bids for Mozzarella cheese. The first two are from Dairy Farmers of America of Kansas City, MO, for a 36 metric ton (79,200 pounds) export to Taiwan, and a 19 metric ton (41,800 lbs.) export to South Korea. The third bid accepted was from Land O’ Lakes of Arden Hills, MN, for a 20 metric ton (44,000 lbs.) export to Mexico. CWT will pay an export bonus to each of the bidders, once completion of the cheese shipments is verified.
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    New Trustees For Holstein Foundation

    Chuck Zimmerman

    Holstein FoundationThe Holstein Foundation has just announced three new trustees and of course, three retiring ones. The new ones are Joel Hastings, Rob Kolb and David Pelzer.

    Elected at the Foundation’s latest meeting, the Trustees will help set the future direction of the organization. The Foundation also honored retiring Trustees: Henry Beneke, Millerton, N.Y., Richard Cotta, Hughson, Calif. and Donald Seipt, Easton, Penn. “The Trustees are a key part of the Foundation’s team,” said Jodi Hoynoski, Holstein Foundation’s Programs Manager. “They help to set the short-term and long-term objectives for the Foundation’s programs and fundraising, and ultimately contribute to the success of the organization. We are pleased to have three highly-qualified Trustees with vast and varied industry experience joining our board.”

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    Australians Need To Consume More Calcium

    Chuck Zimmerman

    Dairy AustraliaThere’s some new calcium dietary recommendations out in Australia. They’ve increased the recommended daily intake but unfortunately most people aren’t getting enough under the old guideline.

    Of course Dairy Australia has the perfect solution, eat more cheese and drink more milk. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

    Dairy Australia dietitian Maree Garside said: “A glass of milk, a tub of yogurt or two slices of cheese all provide around 300mg of calcium. An easy way to follow the new advice is for adults and teens to enjoy an extra serve of dairy each day.” Ms Garside said milk, cheese and yogurt typically provide around 50 to 65 per cent of the calcium in the Australian diet and that dairy foods contain substantial amounts of well-absorbed calcium compared with most other foods .

    According to the last National Nutrition Survey, more than one in two Australian children and women fell short of the old recommendation for calcium2. Older women in particular need to be careful to consume enough calcium as almost four in five over 65 years failed to meet their calcium requirement at the lower, previously recommended level2.

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    CowParade Lisbon

    Chuck Zimmerman

    CowParade LisbonThere’s so much CowParading going on all over the world it’s hard to keep up with it all. Thanks to Adrants I got a heads up on the Lisbon, Portugal event.

    I did not see the movie Brokeback Mountain but apparently the agency for the event has created a little video promo for CowParade Lisbon. You can watch it here.

    If your Portugese is good you can visit the official CowParade Lisbon site or learn more about it on the official CowParade website.


    There's a New Cheddar In Town

    Chuck Zimmerman

    Alto Black CheddarCheese choices just got harder now that there’s a new cheddar on the market.

    Consumers across the nation can now savor the taste of Wisconsin’s best-kept flavor secret, Black CreekTM Classic Cheddar. Alto Dairy Cooperative has partnered with Winona Foods, Inc. to market their newly branded Black Creek Classic Cheddar nationwide. To ensure that full-flavor is in every bite of Black Creek Cheddar, licensed graders critique the cheese from finish and appearance to body and texture. There are seventeen flavor profiles alone that are approved before the cheese receives the Black Creek name.

    Full Release

    Post Update: The unique wedge shape, black wrapping and attractive label took Black Creek Classic Cheddar to the top spot in the Best Package Redesign for Cheese category, earning one of IDFA’s 2006 Achieving Excellence Awards.


    Got Milk Is Super

    Chuck Zimmerman

    Superman Got MilkIt’s not often you get a news release that just shows you a picture but as they say, “A picture is worth . . .”

    The new Superman ‘got milk?’/Milk Mustache ad featuring Brandon Routh debuted in the May 2006 issue of Blender. The movie “Superman Returns” comes out in theaters June 30. The ad copy reads: “Super. That’s how milk makes you feel. The calcium helps bones grow strong, so even if you’re not from Krypton you can have bones of steel.”

    Although I don’t see it on their website you can find out more about the Got Milk campaign.

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    Energy From "The Bull"

    Chuck Zimmerman

    El Toro World Dairy Diary sponsor Accelerated Genetics recently sponsored a bus tour to Green Bay, WI to visit ‘El Toro’, a Biomass Conversion Unit that converts animal waste into valuable and renewable energy products. A select group of Wisconsin dairy customers, Cashton Area Development Corporation (CADC) members and Accelerated Genetics management were given a demonstration of a working prototype of ‘El Toro’ – pictured here. Renewable energy isn’t just about corn and soybean you know.

    El Toro is, of course, Spanish for Bull – reason being, the project was started last year when Accelerated Genetics was approached by CADC about “managing the manure from our sire facilities in a different manner.” The corporation then embarked on a Biomass Conversion project through an Australian company Biomass Energy Service Technology (BEST). This project converts animal waste into valuable and renewable products. They recognized the raw product created by our bulls as desirable for use in this new energy recycling process. The opportunity would allow the manure from our bulls to be used in a process that would convert both the manure and bedding into a gas and a solid material, comprised mostly of charcoal.

    After a successful test where Accelerated Genetics’ bull manure was converted into a gas that would be suitable for burning as a fuel and “char”, a dark charcoal based material that could have use as a fuel, filter or fertilizer, the Cashton group purchased a BEST biomass conversion plant in May.

    Read more here. You can find stories like this one on our alternative energy blog, Domestic Fuel.

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