Milk And The Indy Winner

Chuck Zimmerman

Sam Hornish, Jr. Wins Indy 500I had hoped to have taken this picture myself since I was attending the Indy 500 but my credentials didn’t allow me in to get the photo. So this one is courtesy of the Indy Racing League.

Once again though milk is featured at the greatest spectacle in racing as you see Sam Hornish, Jr. tipping a bottle. After a swallow he doused himself in the cold beverage. It was a hot day on the track. I was there covering the event on our sister site, Domestic Fuel.

The milk was delivered to Victory Lane this year by Steve Phares and Merrill Kelsay who serve on the board of the Milk Promotion Services of Indiana.

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Boehringer Ingelheim Introduces Suite of New Products

Andy Vance

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica is offering several products of benefit to the dairy industry, including Vovikalc calcium boluses, Daque nutritional supplements for calves, Stocker insecticide ear tags, and Breed-Back FP for BVD.

Bovikalc is a unique bolus formulation of calcium that provides for both fast and extended sustained serum calcium levels. This oral mineral nutritional supplement provides a source of calcium for use in freshening cows, featuring two sources of calcium designed to ninimize irritation and waste, while reducing risk of aspiration pneumonia in and easy to administer formula.

Diaque is a nutritional supplement providing a source of energy and electrolytes for young animals. It is a unique formula containing a patented hydrophobic citrus fiber and a three-step buffering system that allows it to be fed with milk. Highly palatable and convenient, it can be fed with milk, milk replacer, or warm water. An excellent source of energy, Diaque contains a balanced electrolyte formula in an easy-to-use 3.5 oz packet or bulk pails that for easy mix and clean up.

Stocker Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags are injection molded ear tags containing 20% diazinon or 2000 mg diazinon per tag, and applied with the Allflex Universal Total Tagger Applicator.

Finally, while I was researching these new products, I discoverd Breed-Back FP for persistent BVD, and recalled our discussion late last week on the subject. There are several products available under the Breed-Back banner.

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Value of Dairy Products Boosts New Zealand Export Business

Andy Vance

Milk powder, butter, and cheese are hot commodities for the kiwi exporter. The latest report from Statistics New Zealand indicates that the export value of these products was up $209 for the month of April, a 54.5 percent jump over 2005. In total, these three products make up $592 million exported, or 19.6% of total exports for the island nation.

These sales totals were the highest ever for an April month. The main contributor to the increase was milk powder, which was up $145 million (77.0 percent). The increase in exports of milk powder, butter and cheese was spread across many of New Zealand’s trading partners: Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates, the People’s Republic of China, the Philippines, Iran and Jordan all showed increases exceeding $10 million since April 2005.

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The Raw Milk Debate Continues

Andy Vance

Ohio has become Ground Zero for the Raw Milk debate. It is, to put it mildly, a passionate debate, with folks on either side clinging valiantly to their beliefs. We’ve been tracking a bill in the Ohio legislature that would change our state’s position on Raw Milk from one of prohibiting sales of Raw Milk to one where the trade of Raw Milk is perfectly legal in a given set of regulatory circumstances.

We spoke after last week’s House Ag Committee hearing on the bill with one proponent, Warren Byle of Citizens Against Milk Prohibition, as well as one supporter of the current regulatory situation, Tim Demland of Ohio Dairy Producers. The two gentleman are well spoken, and presented cogent arguments for their positions. I’ll keep you updated as to the bill’s progress – it is currently stalled in the committee, with more hearings to follow.

Listen to Tim Demland, Director of Producer Services for the Ohio Dairy Producers, defend the current regulations against selling raw milk: Tim Demland Interview (5:59 mp3)

Listen to Warren Byle, Director of Citizens Against Milk Prohibition, defend the nutritive values of raw milk, and the rights of producers to sell it to consumers: Warren Byle Interview (8:15 mp3)

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Dairyline Markets In Review

Chuck Zimmerman

DairylineDairy Markets Week in Review

Cash block cheese closed the fourth week of May at $1.2250 per pound, up 2 1/2 cents on the week, but 23 1/2 cents below a year ago. Barrel closed at $1.19, unchanged on the week, but 22 1/2 cents below a year ago. 5 cars of block traded hands and none of barrel. The NASS-surveyed U.S. average price for block cheese hit $1.1550, up 0.5 cent. Barrel averaged $1.1512, up 1.4 cents.

Butter closed Friday at $1.1775 per pound, unchanged on the week, but 23 1/4 cents below a year ago. 8 cars were sold. NASS butter averaged $1.1648, down 0.6 cent.

Provided courtesy of Dairyline.

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A New Way to Eliminate BVD?

Andy Vance

USDA’s Ag Research Service is working to combat major diseases in the dairy industry. One of the most challenging has been Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD). The disease has typically been battled by vaccinations, but as we learn from Julia Ridpath, a microbioligist with ARS, this strategy isn’t as effective as it could be due to persistently infected animals. Past-President of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Joe Cornely has the details here: Julia Ridpath on BVD (2:59 mp3)

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Congress Freezes Funding on Animal ID

Andy Vance

Amid debate over illegal immigration and spending priorities, Congress has put the brakes on further Animal Identification funding to USDA, at least until they have more information on which to resume funding.

This week the $33 million intended to fund the next steps of USDA’s national animal identification program was frozen in negotiations on the Agriculture Appropriations bill. That package of $93.6 billion was debated this week among many contentious agricultural issues. One attempt to scuttle the program entirely was easily defeated, but the House withheld funding for ID until the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service outlines its strategy in a proposed rule that would delineate the program’s parameters. That rulemaking process would include a public comment period, after which Congress will decide how to resume the program monetarily speaking.

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Harvestore Adds Nutritionist

Andy Vance

Harvestore is striving once again to become the heart of dairy nutrition systems. To that end, the producer of those iconic blue silos has added a long-time dairy nutritionist to its staff. Greg Anderson, M.S. has been named Consulting Nutritionist, serving both Harvestore customers, and Harvestore researchers.

Anderson, a 24 year nutritionist, owns and operates his own private nutrition practice in Monroe, Wisconsin, where he serves clients across Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Anderson will assist Harvestore owners in developing forage-based dairy herd rations. He will also work with company sponsored researchers on forage quality improvement, as well as with company engineers on quality improvements to those towering blue silos.

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Need Dairy Photos? Get Mooving….

Andy Vance of Madison, WI has launched its redesigned website. The site now features online ordering, hundreds of high-resolution downloadable images, and advanced search capabilitiles. Expanded photo selections are also key, with new photos being added daily. In the near future, the site will also feature images from guest consignors. For folks interested in dairy, the catalog hosts nearly 550 dairy cow shots, 179 “dairy specific” photos, and dozens of farm scene shots.

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New Mastitis Protection

Chuck Zimmerman

GEMHere’s a technical story that I’m going to depend on the release writer from the Agricultural Research Service to explain in their words.

In ARS lab studies, a new two-in-one recombinant protein was developed, which kills several bacteria known to cause mastitis in dairy cows. Last year ARS reported success by a different research team in producing transgenic cows (including “GEM,” pictured) that were protected against a single major cause of mastitis, the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus.

An Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-led team has combined specific DNA segments from two different sources to produce a novel antimicrobial protein. The resulting “fusion” antimicrobial protein degrades the cell walls of several bacterial pathogens in a solution of whey extracted from cow’s milk. Read More

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