Dairy Breeds Provide Quality Beef To Market

Chuck Zimmerman

Dairy Producers ForumDairy producers attending yesterday’s Dairy Producer Communications Forum at the Cattle Industry Convention heard some surprising news.

If there were any doubts about the value beef from dairy breeds bring to the market, they were dispelled by Dr. Gary Smith, department head of animal sciences at Colorado State University, at the Dairy Producer Communications Forum luncheon during the Cattle Industry Meeting. Smith, the keynote speaker, said he doubted enough high-quality beef could be supplied to restaurants such as Morton’s without beef from Holsteins. One reason beef from Holsteins consistently scores well in tenderness, quality and taste is that 90 percent of all Holstein sires are descendents of five Holstein bulls. Few breeds can tout such consistency, says Smith.

Smith has been closely involved with the beef checkoff-funded National Beef Quality Audit program that evaluates the quality of beef and helps identify measures beef producers can take to increase quality.

You can listen to my interview with Gary here: Gary Smith Interview (7:28 min. MP3 File)

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Speech By Sec. of Ag Mike Johanns

Chuck Zimmerman

Secretary of Agriculture Mike JohannsOur U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, was on the program early today here at the Cattle Industry Convention. He spoke for about 25 minutes before taking some questions from the floor.

One of the things he focused on was an animal ID system. He said that he’s put about $100 million dollars into the budget for the development of a national system. He said the budget will be available to look at by next Monday when President Bush announces his proposed budget.

I recorded his comments for you. The audio feed for the press was a little “hot” but it’s very clear. You can listen here: Listen To MP3 File Mike Johanns Speech (25 min. MP3 File)

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Dairy Producer Input To Beef Checkoff

Chuck Zimmerman

Gary SharpDairy producers don’t always think of themselves as beef producers but since they’re paying the Beef Checkoff they might be interested to hear what it’s doing for them.

At the Cattle Industry Convention today the Dairy Producer Communications Committee met. It is chaired by Gary Sharp.

I interviewed Gary after the meeting. It was a lively one in which some very interesting information was presented by CSU Researcher, Gary Smith. I’ll have an interview with him later.

In my interview with Gary Sharp he talks about what the Beef Checkoff does to benefit dairy producers.

You can listen to my interview with Gary here: Listen To MP3 File Gary Sharp Interview (4:19 Min. MP3 File)

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R-Calf Convention Report With Mike Callicrate

Chuck Zimmerman

Mike CallicrateOne of our sponsors here on World Dairy Diary is The Callicrate Bander from No-Bull Enterprises. The owner is Mike Callicrate who recently attended the R-Calf annual meeting in Colorado. We weren’t able to attend that meeting so my wife, Cindy, did an interview with Mike to get a report on what happened there.

The interview with Mike is about 13 minutes long. You can listen to it here: Listen To MP3 File Mike Callicrate Interview (9MB MP3 File)

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Sam Elliott Says "Beef, It's What's For Dinner"

Chuck Zimmerman

Sam ElliottAs dairy producers you also pay your Beef Checkoff dues. Hopefully you might be interested in the following.

We had a secret mystery guest here at the Cattle Industry Convention. He’s Sam Elliott. You have hopefully heard his voice on a beef commercial somewhere, sometime. Sam didn’t prepare a speech. He spoke in a very genuine voice about his past, including his first memory of riding a horse. He spoke about how full circle he feels like his career has come to now be the spokesperson for the beef indusry. You can hear his unforgettable words at the end of his remarks.

You can listen to what Sam had to say here: Listen To MP3 File Sam Elliott Speaks (5:22 Min. MP3 File)

If you don’t have the time to listen to Sam for his full remarks, click here to hear him utter his famous words.

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Bayer Booth Pool Shark

Chuck Zimmerman

Cattle Industry Convention 24There’s all kinds of activities in the booths at this year’s Cattle Industry Convention Trade Show. The Bayer booth had a very amusing pool shark. He had quite a crowd so I guess he was entertaining.

I’m going to let you be thejudge.

Here’s a little less than 2 minutes of video from his performance: Watch WMV File Trade Show Video (.wmv file)

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Cattle Industry Convention Trade Show Underway

Chuck Zimmerman

Cattle Industry Convention Trade ShowI know that the Cattle Industry Convention is a beef event but dairy producers pay the Checkoff too. The trade show got kicked off today.

I’m experimenting with my camera that also takes some fairly decent video. So I’ve got a short video clip for you in case you’ve never been to this event.

Here’s a little less than 2 minutes of video from this evening’s trade show: Watch WMV File Trade Show Video (.wmv file)

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Dairy Producers On Cattlemen's Beef Board

Chuck Zimmerman

Lucinda Williams & Jenny SennAt the Cattle Industry Convention I got to meet and interview 2 dairy producers who are on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.

They are Lucinda Williams (l) and Jenny Senn (r). Lucinda is from Massachusettes and Jenny is from South Carolina. They shared with me why they are attending the convention and talk about the challenges they face in the business. I also asked them what they thought was the best thing about being in the diary business today.

You can listen to my interview with Lucinda and Jenny here: Listen To MP3 File Lucinda/Jenny Interview (11:46 Min. MP3 File)

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