PA Dairy Summit This Week

Chuck Zimmerman

Pennsylvania Dairy SummitIt sounds like a great program is being prepared for attendees at the upcoming Pennsylvania Dairy Summit.

The Pennsylvania Dairy Stakeholders is co-hosting the 2006 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit with the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania. Supporting partners for the Summit are the Penn State Dairy Alliance, the Center for Dairy Excellence and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The 2006 Dairy Summit will take place Wednesday and Thursday, February 1 & 2, 2006, at the Lancaster Host Resort in Lancaster, PA.

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American Dairy On Pittsburg TV

Chuck Zimmerman

American DairyAmerican Dairy, Inc., announced recently that it will be on tv in the Pittsburg, PA market on cable. Basically their release says that “PCNC Cable News Channel in Pittsburg, PA will spotlight the Company in a continuation of the previously announced “Investment Opportunities in China” series, produced by Platinum Television. American Dairy was one of a few Chinese companies invited to be featured on the show by Platinum Television Group’s advisory board, made up of MIT and Harvard business school graduates, as well as magazine editors of Fortune, Forbes and INC. Households in Pittsburgh will be able to watch the news segment on American Dairy, which is approximately seven minutes long and presents facts about the Chinese government’s promotion of milk products in China, as well as insight into the Company’s processing plants and premier powdered milk and soy products. Viewers will be able to watch clips of the Company’s processing plants, headquarters, core products and research & development team throughout the Company’s operations in China.”

There’s a link to their website to watch the video but all I saw were commercials in Chinese like this one.

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Blogging From The Cattle Industry Convention

Chuck Zimmerman

2006 Cattle Industry ConventionIt’s time once again for the Cattle Industry Convention. I’ll be travelling to the convention tomorrow and posting news related to the dairy business as I find it. Any questions you want me to ask while I’m there?

I’ll also be posting to sister blog, AgWired. And, I’ll also be posting to the newly created Cattlemen’s Beef Board blog too. Lots of ways for you to get your agricultural blog fix this week.

More to come from Denver.


Checking The Dairy Air

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m sure it will be a wise expense of funds. The National Dairy Promotion and Research Board (NDB) has approved the authorization of $6 million on a one-time basis for the purpose of funding a three-year study on air emissions from U.S. dairy farms.

I’ve always been of the opinion that agricultural operations have a particular fragrance and it’s only to be expected. This past week I visited an agricultural advertising agency and as I got out of the car to go inside there was a very pungent smell from what had to be a livestock operation somewhere nearby. I complimented the staff since it seemed so appropriate for the type of business they cater to.

I’m curious about what the impact of having air emission standards for a dairy would be. What would they even be and how would you control or measure them? I guess that’s what they want to find out.

“Upon careful consideration and discussion, dairy producer directors of the NDB voted to fund this study, understanding that this research will be instrumental in developing the air emissions standards that could affect all dairy farms,” said Woody Bryant, an Arkansas dairy producer who is NDB chairman. Last fall Congress authorized the NDB to consider this measure, noting that the funds would need to be spent in 2006.

National Milk Producers Federation will work with the Agricultural Air Research Council (AARC), a non-profit organization formed to oversee research in air emissions from livestock operations, to ensure that the research achieves its stated goals related to dairy farm emissions. NDB will receive regular reports on the progress of the air emissions study.

“The allocation of these funds will not have a direct impact on 2006 dairy promotion programs,” Bryant said.

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Milk Gone Wild PETA Attack

Chuck Zimmerman

Milk Gone WildProving once again that they are completely without brains or any moral compass, the folks at PETA have created a website to attack milk. I highly recommend you refrain from visiting but you ought to know what the wackos are up to. It would almost be funny if they weren’t so ignorant and just plain disgusting.

This Milk Gone Wild website is a crude takeoff on the even more filthy and perverted Girls Gone Wild trash videos. They have women exposing themselves but endowed with bovine mammary appendages. There’s just too much trash to even discuss. In fact, I saw an alert to it on Ad Jab and only visited long enough to get a sense of this crap that this group has once again put out.

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New Owner For Food Safety Summit

Chuck Zimmerman

Food Safety SummitI know some of our readers will probably be going to the Food Safety Summit (March 22-24, Las Vegas). It was just acquired by Stagnito Communications which is an Ascend Media Company. I personally think food safety sounds kind of boring but I know how important it is to people in today’s world and how much companies and organizations are investing in it. To get someone like me to attend they had to add an extra feature. That extra feature this year is having the Snack Foods Association hold SNAXPO at the same time and place. Now that would help I’ve got to believe. In fact, I want to know that my snacks are safe while we’re at it!

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Cheesemaking Classes At WSU

Chuck Zimmerman

Washington State UniversityHave you ever wanted to become a cheese maker? Me, I just like to eat cheese. Any kind of cheese too. If you live in the northwest you can take a course at Washington State University.

There’s the 2nd Annual Farmstead/Artisan Cheesemaking Course, February 21-23, 2006, Portland, OR – “Designed for farmstead and small business operators interested in learning or improving cheesemaking procedures and processes.”


There’s the 21st Annual Washington State University Cheesemaking Shortcourse, March 6-9, 2006, Pullman, WA – “Designed for experienced cheesemakers, supervisory, management, quality control and marketing personnel from commercial/industrial plants.”

You can see more information about the courses and how to register here.

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NMPF Joins AVA And Vice Versa

Chuck Zimmerman

National Milk Producers FederationIt seems like we’re seeing more partnering of agricultural groups than ever before. I think this is a good thing and long overdue in most cases. This week the National Milk Producers Federation and the American Veal Association officially joined each other.

Because veal production is separate from, but linked to dairy farming, the two organizations decided that they should have a stronger relationship through membership in each other’s respective organizations. “Many of the animal health issues that we deal with regularly at NMPF are also issues of interest to the veal sector, ranging from animal identification to biosecurity,” said Jerry Kozak, President and CEO of NMPF. “It just makes sense that we need to have a more cooperative relationship with veal producers in the future.”

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Build A Dairy In The City Limits?

Chuck Zimmerman

Ripley DairyHow often have you seen a city interested in locating a dairy inside the city limits? I don’t know of any. In fact, the most recently built dairies that I know of personally have had to almost take a stealth approach to locating in the outlying county they wanted to locate in. However, in Claremont, MN the city council members are studying the possibility of annexing land to have a modern dairy built within the city limits.

This may be a first for any city in the United States, and perhaps the world. The City of Claremont, MN council members in their January 25th meeting moved to take under study a move to promote economic development with the possible annexation of the land where the proposed Ripley Dairy is to be built. The council members will study the financial impacts for the City and citizens of Claremont, legal advice to determine if an annexation of this type could be successful and any changes that the City may have to make to its own code in order to allow an operation of this size.

“We appreciate the expressions of support that many have given to us and to this dairy. We know it is a dream shared by many,” explained Rowekamp. “We will continue to challenge elected officials and business owners to make the changes necessary to help dairy farmers improve their businesses in Minnesota while protecting everyone’s rights and the environment.

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Top Producer is Former Dairyman

Chuck Zimmerman

Top ProducerA former dairyman was selected as the top producer in the annual Top Producer magazine award.

TOP PRODUCER, the business magazine of agriculture, honored Chad Olsen, 37, a farmer and custom harvester from Hendricks, Minn., as the national winner of its annual Top Producer of the Year Awards at a banquet in Chicago on January 19th.

Olsen survived the devastation of a fire that consumed his 48-cow dairy herd and barn, leaving him $100,000 in debt at the age of 22. To recover from the loss, he worked odd jobs and then launched a custom harvest business in 1993. Today, Olsen Custom Farms harvests 79,000 acres from Texas to Canada, not including approximately 5,000 acres he farms at home in Minnesota, plus a trucking and cattle business.

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