Ringside Rules

Chuck Zimmerman

RingsideI mentioned how busy it is in the Coliseum today as the final show is taking place.

The ringside is a very busy place as people want to get close to the action.

Or maybe they’re just huddling together for warmth. Nah. It’s really not cold in here. Just cool!

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A Man And His Cow

Chuck Zimmerman

Man & CowThe ring is just non-stop cow action. Of course, today it’s holsteins. There’s a big crowd here for this show.

All of the animals on display this week are incredible. It doesn’t matter which breed you get to see because you’re seeing the best.

World Dairy Expo

Hot Coffee At The Java Trolley

Chuck Zimmerman

Java TrolleyOn a cool morning like this one (it was 37 degrees on the way in) a hot cup of coffee is important. That’s why the Java Trolley Express got lots of business.

I’d say the trailer had a good location but then everywhere is a good location here. People are wandering around all over the place because they just want to see it all.

Exhibitor, World Dairy Expo

The Bander King Speaks

Chuck Zimmerman

Tom KingThe Callicrate Bander was our first World Dairy Diary sponsor. We sure owe them a debt of gratitude.

Tom King, works for the company out in Nebraska. He’s still going strong here on the final day. I got to talk to him about how the show has been from an exhibitor perspective, especially a first time exhibitor. Tom talked with a lot of international visitors who are very interested in the product. He thought the show has been a good thing for his company. Maybe we’ll see him here again next year!

You can listen to my interview with Tom here: Download MP3 File (3MB MP3 File)

Callicrate Bander, Exhibitor, World Dairy Expo

Here Comes The Judge

Chuck Zimmerman

Show JudgeAt the end of each breed show the head judge gets to announce his reasons and description of each of the animals that placed.

Here’s the first Holstein Show winners being paraded and announced.

You can listen to most of the judge here: Download MP3 File (1,4MB MP3 File)

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