Dairy Woman of the Year

Chuck Zimmerman

I saw this story in the Aberdeen American News about Donna Sharp of Bath winning the Dairy Woman of the Year award. We posted that information here when announced and it’s good to see the winners getting some recognition for their “recognition” awards! The story says she’s the first person from South Dakota to win any of the 4 World Dairy Expo recognition awards.

The other award winners this year were:

Marvin L. Nunes, Windsor, California, Dairyman of the Year; Maurice Mix, Brattleboro, Vermont, Industry Person of the Year; and Shinichiro Nosawa, Tokyo, Japan, International Person of the Year.

World Dairy Expo

Kamps Champs In Superbowl

Chuck Zimmerman

Croplan GeneticsMore companies are showing their pride in World Dairy Expo winners. Take Croplan Genetics which just made the announcement about Jacob Kamps and his achievement.

Jacob Kamps, of Darlington, Wis., took Grand Champion honors in the 2005 World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl. Kamps is a Croplan Genetics customer and seeded his winning entry with LegenDairy YPQ.

For his efforts, Croplan Genetics will give Kamps $3,440 in cash, or $10 for each Relative Forage Quality point in his winning entry. Croplan Genetics will also provide World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl jackets to all the Champions in other categories and to Kamps as the Grand Champion.

“The Kamps name is familiar to a lot of people because they’ve been consistent qualifiers and winners in competitions,” says Dennis Gehler, forage products manager. “Their big win demonstrates the genetic potential of Croplan Genetics alfalfa combined with excellent harvesting management and agronomic practices.”

More information on Croplan Genetics LegenDairy YPQ is available online at www.croplangenetics.com.

World Dairy Expo

These Are The Junior Supreme Champions

Chuck Zimmerman

2005 Junior Supreme ChampionYou can see all the champions on the World Dairy Expo website.

Here’s the Junior Supreme Champions though.

Exhibited by Craig A. Martin of Olivet, Michigan
Production: 2-11 288d 18,488 4.5% 835F 3.4% 629P

World Dairy Expo Junior Show Reserve Supreme Champion
Exhibited by Derek Johnson of Unadilla, New York
Production: 2-01 305d 19,297 3.5% 3.0%

World Dairy Expo

These Are The Supreme Champions

Chuck Zimmerman

2005 Supreme ChampionIt took a while but I got the picture! Here’s the Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo for 2005.

Exhibited by Mark Rueth of Rosedale Farms, Oxford, Wisconsin
Production: 4-00 365d 43,754 3.6% 1,559F 3.3% 1,460P

World Dairy Expo Reserve Supreme Champion
Exhibited by Budjon Farm, Lomira, Wisconsin and Jeremy Nitz of Eldorado, Wisconsin
Production: 3-06 365d 39,042 4.5% 1,743F 2.8% 1,110P

For a complet list and additional pictures please visit the World Dairy Expo website.

World Dairy Expo

Mycogen Seeds Wins Big At Forage Superbowl

Chuck Zimmerman

Mycogen SeedsMycogen Seeds has the bragging rights when it comes to silage and alfalfa. The World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl was just held at World Dairy Expo.

Mycogen Seeds corn silage hybrids dominated competition at the World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl, earning 18 of 20 possible placings in two corn silage categories. In the BMR Corn Silage category, Mycogen Seeds hybrids swept the entire category. In addition, a Mycogen Seeds grower was named the Grand Champion First-Time Entrant. In the Standard Corn Silage category, Mycogen hybrids earned eight of 10 possible placings.

In addition to that they also:

Mycogen Seeds alfalfa varieties had a strong showing in three separate divisions: dairy hay, dairy haylage and commercial hay at the World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl. A Mycogen Seeds grower was named Grand Champion of the Dairy Hay category.

The Grand Champion Dairy Hay division was won by Mike Beun, Waterloo, Wis., who planted Mycogen 4A421.

World Dairy Expo

DURHAM Is All Bull

Chuck Zimmerman

7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM-ET*CVThat is a lot of bull standing there. And he’s got the awards to prove it.

For the third year in a row, the most prestigious award given to a bull, the Ted Krueger Premier Sire award, was won by 7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM-ET*CV at the 2005 World Dairy Expo International Holstein Show, Madison, Wis. With four class winners and 23 top-10 finishes, DURHAM daughters represented nearly 25 percent of the milking animals at World Dairy Expo.

2005 Holstein BannerThis release was sent in from Select Sires. They obviously have a lot of pride in their work!

This is an invitation to any group or organization to send in your news and announcements, especially if it has to do with awards and World Dairy Expo. Just send them to: World Dairy Diary News

Exhibitor, World Dairy Expo

Appalachian/Southeast Marketing Order Amended

Chuck Zimmerman

USDAUSDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service just issued a partial final rule that amends the Appalachian and Southeast milk marketing orders. Here’s an excerpt from that partial final rule.

SUMMARY: This partial final rule amends the Appalachian and Southeast marketing orders. Specifically, the final rule expands the Appalachian milk marketing area, eliminates the ability to simultaneously pool the same milk on the Appalachian or Southeast order and on a State-operated milk order that has marketwide pooling, and amends the transportation credit provisions of the Southeast and Appalachian orders. The amendments are based on record evidence of a public hearing held
February 2004. More than the required number of dairy farmers approved the issuance of the amended orders.

EFFECTIVE DATE: November 1, 2005.


IDFA Supports Cutting Trade Distorting Domestic Subsidies

Chuck Zimmerman

International Dairy Foods AssociationWell, the show is over so it’s back to some good old fashioned dairy industry news. Actually I’ll still be posting some items about this year’s World Dairy Expo. For one thing I’m putting together an online photo album which I’ll post a link to within the next few days. So we’ll definitely have some more Expo news for you.

In the meantime, the International Dairy Foods Association decided to comment publicly on the current remarks our U.S. Trade Representative made about the upcoming world trade talks.

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) commended U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Portman’s offer to cut trade-distorting domestic farm subsidies by 60%, substantially reduce tariffs and eliminate export subsidies — all within a five-year period — in a proposal designed to reignite the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Round negotiations.

Earlier the same day in Zurich, Switzerland, Portman outlined his offer to trade and agriculture ministers from WTO member nations during a meeting that was called by the United States to discuss how to overcome problems that have stalled the Doha talks on agriculture. Farm subsidies are widely considered to be a major hurdle in obtaining a Doha Round agreement.

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Supreme & Junior Supreme

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s some supreme results from World Dairy Expo. You can find all the results on the World Diary Expo website.

Mark Rueth of Rosedale Farms, Oxford, Wisconsin, exhibited his third Supreme Champion at the 2005 World Dairy Expo. Rueth has clinched champion titles in three breeds with Guernsey Westlynn Tom Dee, Holstein Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise (who was twice named Supreme Champion) and now with Red & White Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red. The first Red & White crowned Supreme Champion since the Red & White breed joined the show ten years ago, she competed against six other breed champions for the coveted honor. Among the candidates were past World Dairy Expo Supreme Champions, Old Mill E Snickerdoodle (Brown Swiss) and last year’s Reserve Supreme Champion, Huronia Centurion Veronica (Jersey).

Winning the Junior Show:

Smart Remake Enchantment exhibited by Craig A. Martin of Olivet, Michigan was selected as Supreme Champion of the Junior Show. Enchantment is sired by Rock Ella Remake-ET and her dam is Jaspar Regals Eclair.

World Dairy Expo