The World Dairy Situation Is Now Available

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World Dairy Situation 2005In case you’re wondering what the situation is on “dairy” in the world there’s a report available now (70 euros) from the International Dairy Federation called, “World Dairy Situation 2005.”

Results of annual survey presented by the Chair of the Standing Committee “Dairy Policies and Economics” at the IDF World Dairy Summit, Vancouver, September 2005. The 2005 edition of the World Dairy Situation report includes the customary collation of figures and comments from IDF National Committees and other sources.

Th organization also announced the appointment of Mr. Christian Robert as IDF Director General effective October 18.


2006 Cowlendar From Animart Available

Chuck Zimmerman

Animart CowlendarDo you need a calendar for next year? Want to stick with the dairy theme? Just check out the new Animart Calendar!

Animart, Inc. has released its annual customer appreciation calendar with a unique theme. The 2006 Animart calendar features 14 outstanding artists that have chosen to use dairy cattle as a means of artistic expression in one or more of their paintings. Each year, Animart strives to develop a new, creative theme to feature in their annual calendars and product catalogs – appropriately known as “Cowlendars” and “Cowtalogs” by Animart staff and customers. Each page of this 13-month calendar (starting with December 2005) features a different artist’s work, and a short biography.

The prestigious list of artists featured in the 2006 Cowlendar include:
Catherine Anderson; Houston, Texas
Lynn Bean; Vancouver, Washington
Rollie Brandt; Webster, Minnesota
Leah Dockrill; Toronto, Canada
Steven Kozar; McFarland, Wisconsin
Corrie Hofstra; Snohomish, Washington
Mia LaBerge; Harrisonburg, Virginia
Ken Marsden; Marinette, Wisconsin
Bonnie Mohr; Glencoe, Minnesota
Dick O’Brien; Blanchardville, Wisconsin
Denise Rich; San Diego, California
Sue Skowronski; Woodstock, Illinois
Ruud Spil; Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jeanne Tuman; Hutchinson, Minnesota

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Florida Dairyman Receives Big Award From Sunbelt Ag Expo

Chuck Zimmerman

Sunbelt Ag ExpoAt the Sunbelt Ag Expo today a Florida dairyman received a big award. He’s Red Larson from Okeechobee, FL.

Larson was selected for the honor by a panel of judges in competition among eight state finalists in the Southeastern states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Red Larson - Photo courtesy of Sunbelt Ag ExpoLarson, who has been a dairy farmer for over 57 years, has been named the recipient of the prestigious 2005 Lancaster/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern Farmer of the Year award. His selection was announced today at the Willie B. Withers Expo Luncheon during the opening day of the 28 th annual Sunbelt Expo. The announcement was made by officials of Swisher International of Jacksonville, FL, and the Sunbelt Expo of Moultrie, GA, sponsors of the Southeastern Farmer of the Year award for 16 years.

Dairy farming has been the backbone of Larson’s distinguished agriculture career that started in 1948. His first operation was a 160-acre dairy farm that he rented in Dade County, FL. “I heard about that farm for rent so I quit school, got married, sold the house and had enough money to rent it,” said Larson. “I had a dairy farm – something I had always wanted.”

Today, his massive operation in Okeechobee County covers 10,000 acres with the focus still on the dairy industry. There are over 6,000 milking cows that produce 120,000,000 pounds of milk annually. The average per cow is 21,000 pounds. Grass and hay used for silage covers 3,000 acres and yields 20-25 tones per acre.

“One of the smartest things I did was marry my wife Reda,” said Larson. “I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life.” They have four grown children – sons Woody and John, who operate their own farming operations and daughters Barbara Stuart of Orlando and Kathy Cooley of Okeechobee.

Once upon a time I lived and worked in Florida and got to know the Larsons, especially Red’s son Woody. They are great people and we congratulate Red Larson on his award!

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Alex Avery's Latest Post On Milk is Milk

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Milk Is MilkI don’t know too many blogger who send out a news release when they post something to their blog but Alex Avery did today. It’s about his latest post on “Milk is Milk.”

As the release states, “The latest entry for Alex Avery’s Milk is Milk blog concerns consumer attitudes about milk. The blog’s author warns retailers and dairy producers to “beware ‘consumer research’ that claims to know what consumers demand when it comes to production standards for animal agriculture.” The second entry of this two-part article, to be posted later in the week, reviews the impact on dairy consumption of these marketing issues.”

So there you have it. Check out the blog for the rest of the story.

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Dairy Woman of the Year

Chuck Zimmerman

I saw this story in the Aberdeen American News about Donna Sharp of Bath winning the Dairy Woman of the Year award. We posted that information here when announced and it’s good to see the winners getting some recognition for their “recognition” awards! The story says she’s the first person from South Dakota to win any of the 4 World Dairy Expo recognition awards.

The other award winners this year were:

Marvin L. Nunes, Windsor, California, Dairyman of the Year; Maurice Mix, Brattleboro, Vermont, Industry Person of the Year; and Shinichiro Nosawa, Tokyo, Japan, International Person of the Year.

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Kamps Champs In Superbowl

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Croplan GeneticsMore companies are showing their pride in World Dairy Expo winners. Take Croplan Genetics which just made the announcement about Jacob Kamps and his achievement.

Jacob Kamps, of Darlington, Wis., took Grand Champion honors in the 2005 World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl. Kamps is a Croplan Genetics customer and seeded his winning entry with LegenDairy YPQ.

For his efforts, Croplan Genetics will give Kamps $3,440 in cash, or $10 for each Relative Forage Quality point in his winning entry. Croplan Genetics will also provide World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl jackets to all the Champions in other categories and to Kamps as the Grand Champion.

“The Kamps name is familiar to a lot of people because they’ve been consistent qualifiers and winners in competitions,” says Dennis Gehler, forage products manager. “Their big win demonstrates the genetic potential of Croplan Genetics alfalfa combined with excellent harvesting management and agronomic practices.”

More information on Croplan Genetics LegenDairy YPQ is available online at

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These Are The Junior Supreme Champions

Chuck Zimmerman

2005 Junior Supreme ChampionYou can see all the champions on the World Dairy Expo website.

Here’s the Junior Supreme Champions though.

Exhibited by Craig A. Martin of Olivet, Michigan
Production: 2-11 288d 18,488 4.5% 835F 3.4% 629P

World Dairy Expo Junior Show Reserve Supreme Champion
Exhibited by Derek Johnson of Unadilla, New York
Production: 2-01 305d 19,297 3.5% 3.0%

World Dairy Expo

These Are The Supreme Champions

Chuck Zimmerman

2005 Supreme ChampionIt took a while but I got the picture! Here’s the Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo for 2005.

Exhibited by Mark Rueth of Rosedale Farms, Oxford, Wisconsin
Production: 4-00 365d 43,754 3.6% 1,559F 3.3% 1,460P

World Dairy Expo Reserve Supreme Champion
Exhibited by Budjon Farm, Lomira, Wisconsin and Jeremy Nitz of Eldorado, Wisconsin
Production: 3-06 365d 39,042 4.5% 1,743F 2.8% 1,110P

For a complet list and additional pictures please visit the World Dairy Expo website.

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Mycogen Seeds Wins Big At Forage Superbowl

Chuck Zimmerman

Mycogen SeedsMycogen Seeds has the bragging rights when it comes to silage and alfalfa. The World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl was just held at World Dairy Expo.

Mycogen Seeds corn silage hybrids dominated competition at the World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl, earning 18 of 20 possible placings in two corn silage categories. In the BMR Corn Silage category, Mycogen Seeds hybrids swept the entire category. In addition, a Mycogen Seeds grower was named the Grand Champion First-Time Entrant. In the Standard Corn Silage category, Mycogen hybrids earned eight of 10 possible placings.

In addition to that they also:

Mycogen Seeds alfalfa varieties had a strong showing in three separate divisions: dairy hay, dairy haylage and commercial hay at the World’s Forage Analysis Superbowl. A Mycogen Seeds grower was named Grand Champion of the Dairy Hay category.

The Grand Champion Dairy Hay division was won by Mike Beun, Waterloo, Wis., who planted Mycogen 4A421.

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