Welcome To World Dairy Expo

Chuck Zimmerman

Welcome SignAs the sign says, “Welcome To World Dairy Expo.” I just got on the grounds and set up in my office but I’ve already got a lot of pictures to show you. This will be a little like a travelogue in a way as I try to give you a flavor of what it’s like on this last setup day. After the event I’ll be taking all the photos and making them available in an online photo album.

After leaving my hotel this morning it was just a short drive to the Alliant Center. Right out front is this welcoming committee and sign. It’s a beautiful morning. The sun is just starting to poke out of the early clouds. It’s getting warm and it is humid but that’s all going to change in just a couple days.

World Dairy Expo

In Madison and Ready To Begin

Chuck Zimmerman

ChuckIt’s a long drive to Madison from central Missouri but I’m here and ready for the show to begin. It actually gets started officially on Tuesday but I know there will be plenty of activity tomorrow so keep checking back. I just got into my hotel and the have good wireless high speed access!

It wasn’t raining when I got in but I did drive through some downpours in northern Illinois. It looked like a lot of the corn has been harvested or is being harvested as I drove through Missouri and Illinois. Soybeans have hardly been touched yet and there was still a lot of corn standing as I got into Wisconsin. It’s harvest time and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

I’m looking forward to blogging World Dairy Expo for you and hope you will like what you see.


Up & Down Temperatures This Week

Chuck Zimmerman

One thing you always need to do before going on a trip is to check the weather. So what’s it going to be like in Madison this week for World Dairy Expo? I just checked the 10-day on The Weather Channel and it looks like it’ll start out hot and end up cold. There’s a good chance of some rain tonight then up in the 80’s tomorrow and opening day, Tuesday. But then on Wednesday they’re calling for a cool down. In fact by Friday it’ll be highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s!! Bring a jacket. I’m going to. Glad I checked.


Milk Income Loss Contract Expired

Chuck Zimmerman

I guess the Milk Income Loss Contract expired yesterday. The last story I’ve been able to find on it was late yesterday. According to this story in the Idaho Statesmen.com, not all dairy groups are upset about it. I’m sure we’ll know more about it Monday. I mention it here because I saw a lot of stories on it the last couple days. And because I’m getting ready to head to World Dairy Expo tomorrow and won’t be posting until after I get there, unless I find something of interest early tomorrow.

Industry News

It's Mooove In Days At Expo

Chuck Zimmerman

I just spoke with Lisa Behnke, Marketing Manager for World Dairy Expo and the activity level in Madison is cranking. Just imagine 2,000 people checking into a hotel in about 3 days. Then imagine if those were cattle! That’s about how many animals are being brought to Expo this year and they’re driving in as we speak. They’ve all got to be checked in and put in their places. And of course, there is all the people who are bringing them in.

Besides that you’ve got about 1,500 exhibitors all moving in their booths and equipment at the same time. And of course the whole Expo staff has to move into the facilities from their regular office building.

I’m glad I’m traveling there on Sunday!


Learn About Qualisoy

Chuck Zimmerman

QualisoyIn case you’re wondering what Qualisoy is, besides a sponsor of World Dairy Diary, now you can find out. I interviewed Qualisoy board member, Kent Gronlie, a soybean grower from North Dakota. Qualisoy is an “industry-wide” initiative that “creates added value and increased global competitiveness for the U.S. soybean industry through the development, commercialization and promotion of enhanced quality traits.”

Kent may not be able to attend Expo due to the harvest that’s going on right now on his farm but he says there will be information available to visitors to World Dairy Expo.

You can listen to my interview with Kent here: Download MP3 File (1.9MB MP3 File)

Exhibitor, Qualisoy

ADSA & Pioneer Forage Award Winner

Chuck Zimmerman

American Dairy Science AssociationPioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., and the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) are proud to announce Karen A. Beauchemin, Ph.D., senior scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Center, as the 2005 recipient of the Pioneer Forage Award. Along with the honor, Beauchemin also will receive a monetary award.

The Pioneer Forage Award recognizes outstanding research and/or educational contributions in forage production, processing, storage or utilization.


Callicrate Bander Inventer Interview

Chuck Zimmerman

Callicrate BanderYou know that the Callicrate Bander is a sponsor of World Dairy Diary and now’s your chance to learn more about the company and the product. I interviewed Mike Callicrate, the inventer. He describes all the uses for his product and provides some history on its development and how the product has had tremendous growth and success, including on an international level.

You can listen to my interview with Mike here: Download MP3 File (3.8MB MP3 File)

For more information on the Callicrate Bander you can contact them at: P.O. Box 748, St. Francis, KS 67756, Call 1-800-858-5974, or email.

Callicrate Bander, Exhibitor