Bringing Internet Access To Rural America

Chuck ZimmermanAudio, General

Tim GanshchowI know posting has been a little light in the last day or so but we’ll be making up for that. In part the reason has had to do with me travelling and conducting several presentations on blogging and podcasting for agribusiness. Like today in St. Louis at the lunch meeting of the Gateway chapter of the National Agri-marketing Association and St. Louis Agribusiness Club. The lunch speaker was Tim Ganschow, (pictured), Agristar Global Networks. I thought you might be interested in what Tim has to say about the efforts to bring broadband (high speed) internet access to rural America.

You can listent to Tim here: Tim Ganschow Presentation (19MB MP3 – 41 min.)

I know it’s long but I think you’ll find the information very interesting. Tim mentions at the end of the talk the desire to pull together a “Broadband Alliance For Agriculture.” I think he can count on ZimmComm and World Dairy Diary to be a part of that alliance.