Cheesemaking Classes At WSU

Chuck ZimmermanCheese, Education, University

Washington State UniversityHave you ever wanted to become a cheese maker? Me, I just like to eat cheese. Any kind of cheese too. If you live in the northwest you can take a course at Washington State University.

There’s the 2nd Annual Farmstead/Artisan Cheesemaking Course, February 21-23, 2006, Portland, OR – “Designed for farmstead and small business operators interested in learning or improving cheesemaking procedures and processes.”


There’s the 21st Annual Washington State University Cheesemaking Shortcourse, March 6-9, 2006, Pullman, WA – “Designed for experienced cheesemakers, supervisory, management, quality control and marketing personnel from commercial/industrial plants.”

You can see more information about the courses and how to register here.