No Need to "Wine" About Cheese Prices…

Andy VanceCheese, Dairy Checkoff, Dairy Group, Education, Promotion

… at least, the California Milk Advisory Board doesn’t think so. In fact, they’re banking on the wine industry in the state to help drum up increased demand for California cheeses. CMAB has developed a retail partnership with Mirassou Wines for a national co-promotion to encourage consumers to sample both products.

Focusing on the classical pairings of wine and cheese, the promotional literature offers suggestions for which varieties will bring out the best in a given match-up. Coupons and mail-in rebates are also included as part of the promotion; both the tips sheet and the coupon will be available around the neck of Mirassou’s wines from nearly 250 national distributors through September’s end.

The idea is that the suggested pairings of specific California cheeses and Mirassou wines right on the bottle will encourage on-the-spot purchases. California is the second largest cheese producer in the country, featuring over 50 cheesemakers and over 250 varieties and styles.