What The Checkoff Means To Dairy Producers

Chuck ZimmermanAudio, Beef Checkoff

Gary SharpI know I didn’t mention this before but I am attending the Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Reno, NV. Today we’ve got a Dairy Producers Education Forum which I’ll be attending to bring you more later on. In the meantime I did run into a Beef Board dairy producer member this morning.

When you meet Beef Board member Gary Sharp, who’s a dairy producer from South Dakota he’s going to make sure that you know he’s in the beef business as well. In fact, he likes to remind his dairy peers of that fact.

Gary will be participating in today’s Dairy Producers Education Forum here at the Cattle Industy Summer Conference. He is especially looking forward to presentations on research that show the value of dairy cattle beef and how that will be used to help the bottom line of producers like himself. Gary is pictured here with farm broadcaster Ron Hayes, from Oklahoma. Besides being interviewed by Ron, I got to speak with Gary for a few minutes.

Gary talks about the Forum taking place here today and what he wants dairy producers to know about the Beef Checkoff. You can listen to my interview with Gary here: Sharp Interview (4 min. MP3 File)