Sugar Free Dairy Dessert

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Good news for those of us who love dessert, but are watching our sugar intake! Two U.S. food technologists, Drs Bruce Tharp and Steven Young, have developed what is believed to be the first dairy based dessert that contains no sugar, trans fat or lactose. Wonder if it tastes any good?

Two top scientists claim to have developed a frozen dairy dessert that contains no sugar, trans fats or lactose, heralding new opportunities for dairy firms to target consumer health trends. The formulation, thought to be one of the first of its kind in the world, claims to use commercially available ingredients and traditional ice cream manufacturing processes without the need for high intensity sweeteners. The dessert contains around 0.5g total sugars per serving, 3g of fat (or 90 calories) and is completely free of trans fatty acids, harmful ‘hard’ fats which must now be flagged up on product labels in the US.