Ken Bailey Joines Downes-O'Neill

Chuck ZimmermanIndustry News

Downes O'NeillThe Downes-ONeill brokerage firm and sister company eDairy have a new consultant. He’s economist Ken Bailey.

“We are very pleased to have Ken join us,” says Tom Gaughan, managing partner of Downes-O’Neill, the country’s largest dairy brokerage firm. “Our Downes-O’Neill clients will have access to Ken’s expertise, and he will also consult with eDairy clients.” Bailey is an associate professor at Penn State University, specializing in dairy marketing and policy analysis. His areas of research include dairy trade, policy analysis, and price analysis of dairy markets. “Ken’s research in trade is critical,” says Gaughan. “What happens in U.S. dairy markets is becoming increasingly tied to global markets. Ken’s research in the trade area will benefit our clients tremendously.” Bailey is currently building a detailed monthly database on dairy trade.