NMPF in Vegas

Chuck ZimmermanDairy Group, General

National Milk Producers FederationThe National Milk Producers Federation held it’s 90th annual meeting in Las Vegas this week. Beckendorf

NMPF Chairman Charles Beckendorf celebrated the organization’s good fortunes this year in his annual address, starting with the 2006 Dairy Producer Conclaves.

This past winter, NMPF sponsored three farmer-only listening sessions, in California, Illinois and Virginia, to get input on our industry’s policy priorities for the future. We had great participation: nearly 200 dairy producers, representing 30 states and 41 different organizations, not just co-op leaders. When you lock farmers in a room, two things can happen: either they argue with each other and wind up further apart on issues than they were before; or, if you’re lucky, you find areas of consensus…places where you can work together.

Read Beckendorf’s full remarks here.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns delivered remarks at the meeting on Thursday morning. We’ll get those to you as soon as they are posted on the USDA website.