Beefmobile Gets New Wranglers

Chuck ZimmermanBeef Checkoff

Stephanie AusfahlThink beef. Think Beefmobile Wranglers. Think “new” Beefmobile Wranglers. That’s who Stephanie Ausfahl and Craig Hamilton are. In case you’re wondering, Stephanie is pictured on the right and Craig on the left.

As the Beefmobiles roll out for a fourth year on the road, two new “Wranglers” are at the helm to help beef and dairy producers to better understand how their beef checkoff dollars are being spent. Stephanie Ausfahl and Craig Hamilton, both well-versed in the livestock industry with firsthand experience as beef producers, are taking their industry involvement to new levels as they marshal the Beefmobiles – mini-vans emblazoned with mouth-watering images of sizzling beef, across the United States. They join veteran Wrangler Tracey Orsburn, who is starting her third year with the Beefmobile program, now serving as project coordinator.

Craig HamiltonThe three undertake the lofty task of visiting more than 250 livestock marketing facilities and beef events and 10 consumer venues.

At each location, the checkoff-funded Beefmobiles and their Wranglers reach out to producers throughout the country to provide information – and solicit input – about the Beef Checkoff Program.

I’m sure we’ll get to learn more about the new wranglers at the upcoming Cattle Industry Convention.