Rumen Yeast Approved by CFIA

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Levucell logoLallemand has announced the approval of it’s revolutionary Levucell rumen yeast.

The milk production claim: “Increases milk production when fed as directed” has been approved for Levucell® SC 10ME and Levucell® SC 20, rumen specific yeast, by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Levucell® was granted approval by the CFIA in 2002. In addition, Levucell® SC 20 rumen specific yeast, is “approved for organic agriculture by GarantieBio-Ecocert”. Dairy trials showed an average increase in milk production of ranging from 1.5kg to 3.0kg /hd/day. Ultimately, Levucell means improved rumen health, increased milk production and a lower incidence of acidosis related problems.