Beef Board Communicating With Dairy Producers

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Gary & Donna SharpI’m attending the Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville, TN and blogging for the Cattlemen’s Beef Board on their blog, Beef Board I’ll try to find some items of interest for you. Like this interview I did with Gary and Donna Sharp.

Gary and Donna Sharp are dairy producers and Gary likes to point out that that makes them beef producers as well.

Gary is serving on the Beef Board and is chairman of the dairy producer communications committee. Donna is a past Beef Board member and is currently serving on the board of the national dairy checkoff.

I interviewed both of them together right before the first lunch session here today. One of the things that Donna points out is how many issues affect both the beef and diary checkoff programs and that the staff of both stay in touch to provide a united front in addressing them.

You can listen to my interview with the Sharps here: Gary & Donna Sharp Interview (5 min. MP3 File)