Have Manure, Will Travel

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proactmicrobiallogoPro-Act Microbial Inc. has announced a portable floating pump called the Scavenger. The portable pump will allow producers to remove bottom water between multiple lagoons. Sounds like a great addition to manure management to me!

The Scavenger is a portable floating pump that gives farms the flexibility of removing bottom water from their lagoons without disturbing the stratification of nutrients. The Scavenger is designed to work with Pro-Act Microbial’s manure treatment system to remove nutrient-rich bottom water. It is a retractable bottom pump with multi-stage capability and a flexible hose, allowing it to remove bottom water at any level with ease and without costly and time-consuming agitation. In addition, the pump is engineered for portability, allowing the user to move the pump between lagoons as needed. In addition to working in conjunction with the Pro-Act manure treatment system, the Scavenger can also be effective for dairies with a healthy lagoon and fairly loose solids.