Mayfield Announces Priobiotic Milk

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NutureMayfieldMayfield Dairy Farms has announced the launch of Nurture by Mayfield, a 1% Lowfat milk and a 2% Reduced Fat milk containing probiotic cultures clinically proven to boost the body’s immune system. Be sure to check out the blog that Mayfield hosts too!

Mayfield pioneered the addition of probiotics to milk more than 20 years ago with NuTrish, the first milk in the United States to contain probiotic cultures known to aid digestion and ease lactose intolerance. In light of new research that demonstrates health benefits of probiotics extend far beyond digestion alone, Mayfield is replacing NuTrish with Nurture.

“Twenty years ago when we first began selling NuTrish, scientific studies showed that probiotic cultures such as acidophilus and bifidum aided digestion,” said Scottie Mayfield, president of Mayfield Dairy Farms. “Now clinical research shows these live cultures actually boost the immune system. So by doing something most people do everyday–drink milk–consumers can actually strengthen their body’s natural defenses,” said Mayfield.