Bio-Vet Introduces Generator-D

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bio-vetgenBio-Vet, Inc. has an exciting new product for dairy producers – the Generator™-D, a direct fed microbial product that contains high levels of beneficial microbials at a low inclusion rate. In research, Generator microbial products have been shown to improve appetite, maintain dry matter intake, improve digestion and feed utilization, improve production (milk and meat) and help cattle tolerate heat stress.

Generator-D is effective when fed to high-producing dairy cows, dry and transition cows, animals going through ration changes and pre- and post-partum animals. It also works well for incoming feedlot steers, weanling calves, and lactating goats and sheep. Generator-D is especially helpful for rations containing lower quality forages, as well as rations predisposing ruminants to lactic acidosis.

Generator-D comes in a powder form that is fed at rates of 0.5 to 2 grams per head daily. The 2-gram daily rate costs about 6 cents per head. The product provides over 24 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per feeding, with nine species of beneficial bacteria. Generator-D also contains live yeast to help stabilize rumen fermentation. It is available in convenient 1.5 kg and 7.5 kg pouches and 40 lb. bags.