RFID Can Reduce Labor Costs

Chuck ZimmermanAnimal Health, Animal ID, Audio, Dairy Business, General, NIAA

DHI ProvoThere was a great demonstration on how RFID can help reduce labor costs and make record-keeping easier at the recent ID/INFO Expo in Kansas City.

Steven SmithSteven Smith with DHI-Provo demonstrated how the Pocket DHI-Plus works with RFID through a video that showed a dairy producer walking alongside his animals and scanning them. As he did that, you could hear what he was hearing in his ear piece, whether to skip the animal, whether it needed to be preg-checked, or was due for injections, or whatever – depending on the program. It was a great demo – they should post it on You Tube!

Here is an interview with Steven about DHI-Provo:

And here is a link to the proceedings of the from the NIAA 2007 ID-INFO Expo where you can find his presentation.