National FAIR Recognized by USDA

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holsteinlogoAnd the news from the Holstein Association USA is also outstanding – the Association is one of the first to be recognized by USDA as an official Animal Tracking Database.

A cooperative agreement has been signed between USDA and Holstein Association USA giving National FAIR (Farm Animal Identification and Records) official approval as a compliant Animal Tracking Database under the USDA Animal Trace Processing System (ATPS). The Association is among the first in the U.S. to be recognized by USDA/APHIS as an official Animal Tracking Database.

Through National FAIR, Holstein Association USA has one of the largest animal databases in the world, totaling over five million animals. If an animal health emergency were to occur in the U.S., the USDA would post a request for pertinent animal tracking information. Holstein would query the National FAIR database to determine where the animals in question have been. Information that would be provided to USDA would be the animal identification number, the premises ID and the event type and date. This system will help ensure data is shared quickly and confidentially with USDA only in the time of need.