NEW Barron Built Hay Feeders for Dairy Calves

Amanda NolzAlfalfa, Dairy Business, Equipment

barron-built I spent a lot of time at the trade show during the Central Plains Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls this week, and I stumbled upon Barron Built Products.

Based out of Ruthton, Minn., Tom and Daniel Barron work to innovate new products to help the busy dairyman. Pictured here is a hay feeder that catches the hay in barrels below to eliminate waste. This product is hand crafted and runs for $450. In addition, Barron Built contracts for customized feeders to fit your needs. They also build curved swinging doors for the calf huts.

“Sometimes I can’t sleep at night with so many ideas running through my head,” said Barron, of his innovative ideas to simplify a dairy producer’s busy life. “I keep a notebook on my night stand, and I will draw out my ideas during the middle of the night. At Barron Built, we are dedicated to creatively constructing new technologies that will help producers in their operations.”

In my opinion, these were pretty slick pieces of equipment and a good investment for anyone interested in trying something new! For more information on these products, contact Tom at 507-828-3749 or Daniel at 507-829-0085.