Dairyline Markets in Review

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DairylineDairy Markets Week in Review

Cheese prices are strengthening again. The bock price closed September 18th at $1.33 per pound, up 6 cents on the week but still 62 1/2-cents below that week a year ago. Barrel closed Friday at $1.29, up 4 cents on the week, but 64 1/4-cents below a year ago. Thirty cars of block traded hands on the week and 10 of barrel. The lagging NASS-surveyed U.S. average block price inched 0.1 cent lower, to $1.3721. Barrel averaged $1.3395, down 4 cents.

Cash butter closed at $1.27, up 9 cents on the week, but 45 1/2-cents below a year ago. Forty one cars were sold. NASS butter averaged $1.1677, up 0.4 cent.

Cash Grade A nonfat dry milk finished the week at $1.04 per pound, up 3 1/2-cents on the week, and Extra Grade closed at $1.00, up 5 cents. NASS powder averaged 97.19 cents, up 3 cents, and dry whey averaged 29.76 cents, up 0.7 cent.

There were no price support purchases on the week, in fact 1.3 million pounds of powder was canceled. Year to date powder purchases stand at 276.2 million. DEIP bid acceptances for the week included 661,300 pounds of anhydrous milkfat to Africa and the Middle East, 1.3 million pounds of butter to Asia and Eurasia, and 659,174 pounds of Cheddar cheese to Africa and the Middle East and Asia and Eurasia.

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