Novus Helps Producers Strike Right Dairy Balance

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Just like humans, high producing dairy cows are prone to oxidative stress, a condition where an imbalance occurs between the production of free radicals and the body’s antioxidant mechanisms.

WDXDr. Dennis Nuzback, Technical Services Manager for Novus International, says any time an animal has to use high amounts of energy, exidative stress increases because she’s putting more pressure on her system to try and stay in balance. “There are several factors that lead to oxidative stress. Some of it could be excessive body weight, some of it can be transition changes,” Nuzback said. “Calving, environmental temperatures, they can add more stress.”

Novus has several products that can help cure the situation in a nutritional package of minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to help achieve consistent oxidative balance. The company now has a new website for producers to find out more about striking that balance in dairy animals – The site includes “signs, proof, solutions and expert opinion pertinent to balancing oxidative stress in dairy cows,” according to Novus. Producers can also sign up Novus Dairy Nutrition Notes, an electronic newsletter that is distributed bi-monthly that discusses the most up-to-date issues facing the dairy industry.

Listen to or download an interview with Dr. Nuzback here from World Dairy Expo: