Global Dairy 500 Delegates Enjoy Ice Cream

Chuck ZimmermanAlltech, Alltech Global 500

Alltech Global Dairy 500 ConferenceAttendees to the Global Dairy 500 Conference sponsored by Alltech had a great tour today. Alltech’s Allie Hembree passed along this note just a little while ago:

Did you know that at Fair Oaks Farm they can milk 500 cows in one hour, ship 40 semi truck loads of milk a day, where the cows drink 30 gallons of water and eats 100 pounds of feed? The Global Dairy 500 Delegates got to witness the birthing of a calf, take a bus tour of the farm, learn how exactly they are capable of milking 500 cows by observing the rotary milker, and even taste some delicious Fair Oaks ice cream. I think we all agree, that was some good ice cream.

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