More Efficiency In Dairy Production

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Dr. Pearse LyonsProviding the first remarks on the program for the Global Dairy 500 Conference was Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and President, Alltech. The theme of his opening remarks was to answer the question, “Is there a future for dairy in these turbulent times?”

Dr. Lyons addressed the real challenges in the dairy business internationally. The Conference has attendees from all over the world and they all nodded in agreement as he made these opening remarks. He pointed out how volatile markets and prices are having a serious impact on the industry right now. So education and efficiency become extremely important and that’s part of the purpose of the Conference itself. So when it comes to the “crisis” Dr. Lyons challenged attendees to see it as a time of opportunity and character.

Looking to the future the key is efficiency and that will come about from the use of new technology. Besides efficiency he urged attendees to focus on more lactations per cow; quality in Production systems; more education; looking for Branding; traceability and to be conscious of the environment. I love his description of the dairy cow as a “walking fermenter.”

2009 Global Dairy 500 Conference Photo Album

I interviewed Dr. Lyons right after his presentation and you can listen to the interview below.

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