Automatic Milking: How Effective Is It?

Amanda NolzMilk, Technology

teatclean Here is an interesting look at automatic milking and its effectiveness. Charolotte Johnston with TheCattleSite evaluates the benefits of automatic milkers through four different interviews with producers Tim Gibson, Doug Heintz, John Wolf and Max Warren. This is an interesting look at dairy technology and equipment. Titled, Automatic Milking: How Effective Is It? this article is an interesting read that addresses any concerns producers and consumers might have about these machines. Read on to learn more…

A common myth regarding automatic milking machines is that they disengage the herdsman from the animals, and so neglect herd health.

If this were true, the new Lely Astronaut A3 Next would not have won the 2009 Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers’ Livestock and Machinery Award at this year’s Dairy Event. The award was presented on the grounds of economics, the welfare and close management of milking animals, the reduction of drudgery for family and employed staff, flexibility since it applies to family run and larger units, and the longer-term needs of the dairy industry.

*Photo Courtesy of TheDairySite.