Measuring and Managing Silage Heat

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Have you ever wondered where the heat comes from in silage?

pioneerThis really cool infrared camera can read the temperature of a silage bunker and provide a color picture of the variations in heat levels on the face. The camera has gotten cheaper since it first came out a couple of years ago, but it still retails for several thousand dollars.

pioneerA great way to measure silage heat, but not practical for most producers, so Pioneer ruminant microbiologist Scott Dennis suggests using a thermometer to quickly and easily determine whether heat is physiological or microbial.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Forage Forum PodcastDennis explains more about this topic along with management techniques to reduce heating in this edition of Forage Forum, recorded at the Pioneer Forage Media day held in September at the Livestock Nutrition Center in Johnston, IA.

Listen to the podcast here:

[audio:] Scott Dennis on Silage Heat (5:00 min MP3)

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