Milking Parlor: Domino's Builds Demand for Cheese

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They’ve recently begun running a campaign that talks about how bad their pizza used to be. But now Domino’s Pizza is starting to see some payoff to its self-deprecating ads … which is also paying off for the dairy industry.

In this edition of the Milking Parlor, we hear from the man behind the campaign, Brandon Solano, who plays the pizza company’s head chef but is more accurately its Vice President-Brand Innovation, as he tells a recent gathering of dairy producers about how Domino’s has implemented new lines of pizzas and used more cheese to make all their products better.

“We all want to sell more dairy, and working together, we’re going to do it,” Solano says. “I know things are tough in the dairy industry, but we are absolutely doing our part to make sure that we are going to drive demand, that we’re going to have products out there that have a lot of cheese on them, and people are choosing to be in the pizza category. We’re working hard for you guys, and we appreciate your partnership.”

You can hear more of Solano’s presentation in this episode of the Milking Parlor in the player below.

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