Board of Holstein USA Meets

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The Board of Directors of the Holstein Association USA, Inc. held its Spring meeting in Brattleboro, Vermont on March 25-26. President Larry A. Tande of Medford, Minnesota presided over the two-day session.

The Business Plan portion included updates on all 2010 objectives. The Board also heard reports from the Audit, Association Nominating, and Legislative Affairs committees as well as presentations on National FAIR and the Holstein Foundation. Over the last year, the Holstein Association developed and promoted its Dairy Price Stabilization Program (DPSP) from coast to coast. The plan continues to gain recognition and support.

Recognizing the need to stabilize milk prices long term, the Holstein Association Board formally acted to continue milk marketing efforts. The Association plans to keep working with Congressional leaders to introduce legislation for the DPSP. Responding to members’ requests to improve the Association’s Cattle Merchandising and Advertising Policy, the Board approved significant changes to the policy and Terms and Conditions for Public Sales. The revised policy and terms and conditions will replace the current versions. The revisions bring new focus to major issues of concern to Association members.

In another member-driven move, the Board approved the release of more than 30,000 prefixes which have not been used for more than 20 years. This release makes it easier for new members to select prefixes for their herds. If a member wishes to request the use of a specific prefix being released on March 31st, please contact C. Peter Cole at the office: 802.451.4127, via email at, or via fax at 802.254.8251 beginning on April 1st. Specific requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held June 25-26, in Bloomington, Minnesota, in conjunction with the Association’s 125th Annual Meeting and Convention. The Fall Board meeting will take place in Chicago, Illinois, November 18-19.

Source: Holstein Association USA