Calif. Family Farms Debuts

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California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) has introduced their new “Family Farms” advertising campaign. Get to know nine real California dairy farmers who shared their stories in 30-second commercials.

Each commercial features an actual dairy family telling their story, in their own words. “We want to help consumers put the face on the farmer responsible for the dairy foods they enjoy. There’s a family dairy farmer and personal story that comes with every glass of milk, piece of cheese, scoop of ice cream and pat of butter you purchase. These are fascinating people once you get to know them,” said Michael Freeman, the CMAB’s Vice President of Advertising.

The “Family Farms” commercials along with the Real California Dairy Families documentary series, demonstrate the deep heritage and diversity behind the state’s dairy industry – an industry responsible for producing more than 41 billion pounds of milk and creating approximately 435,000 jobs each year.

“Dairy farming is a vital, important part of California that is made up of people, families and generations of history – not unfeeling corporations,” said Freeman. “In California, 99 percent of our dairies are family farms. This heritage comes through in the care they take with their animals and in preserving the family farm for future generations. You can sense the real, personal connection that is made with each family when you view these commercials.”

Source: California Milk Advisory Board