UterFlush Reproductive Care for Cattle Introduced

Cindy ZimmermanGeneral, Health

Van Beek Natural Science has introduced a new product for reproductive care in beef and dairy cattle called UterFlush.

uterflushAccording to the company, UterFlush is administered intrauterine post-calving to help restore the cow’s uterus back to normal as quickly as possible. It can be given immediately after calving or later on when problems arise. The flush not only assists with uterine problems post-calving, but also sustains the cow’s reproductive performance reducing the breed back time frame.

UterFlush contains essential oils with antimicrobial properties that maintain and restore normal uterine environment. A natural foaming agent, called yucca, helps the UterFlush reach all areas of the uterus. UterFlush is an all-natural product that requires no milk withholding and leaves no drug residue. UterFlush is similar to our current product, Royal Uterine Capsules, but is in a convenient and easy to use liquid form. The UterFlush syringe has a dial to ensure the accurate amount is expelled when mixing the product. UterFlush is available in a 30ml syringe. The product is sold through all major livestock and dairy distributors.

Find out more about the product here.