Milking Parlor: Dairy Expo Focuses on Improving Profits

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It was a much more upbeat mood than in the past few years in Madison, Wisconsin earlier this month for World Dairy Expo, the dairy industry’s premier event.

More than 65,000 people attended this year’s event, including 2,468 from 87 countries outside of the U.S. The good turnout and the increased optimism was music to the ears of the 770 companies from 26 countries represented at this year’s show, including the 135 first-time exhibitors.

In this edition of the Milking Parlor, we talk to several people at this year’s expo, including World Dairy Expo Sales Manager John Rozem; Dr. Lance Fox, Alpharma’s Director of Technical Services; Senior Manager of Technology for Arm and Hammer Animal Nutrition, Dr. Elliot Block; Dr. Larry Chase with Cornell University; Novartis Animal Health Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Doug Scholz; Dave Hartford, dairy operations manager of the award-winning Oakridge-Bahler Farm in Connecticut; and Dr. Andy Skidmore with Schering-Plough Animal Health, who serves as the Secretary of the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council, a group formed a few years ago to help improve fertility in the industry.

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Milking Parlor Podcast on Improving Profits at World Dairy Expo

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