Milking Parlor: Communicating the Good News of Dairy

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Dairy farmers are looking for more ways to get their story out to the public … and some of that is starting with school kids.

The dairy industry has a good story to tell … one of hard-working farmers and their families, who are producing quality, nutritious products that build strong bodies and strong minds. In this episode of the Milking Parlor, we talk to Brad Scott, a fourth generation family dairy farmer from Southern California and a member of the National Dairy Board, and get his thoughts on the training the dairy checkoff has made available to dairy producers like him to better communicate that good news to the public, using many methods, including social media. In addition, Bridget Sheehan, a registered dietitian and program manager in the Kansas City area with the Midwest Dairy Council, talks about how the dairy industry has teamed up with the National Football League to offer the “Fuel Up to Play 60” program … a program where kids are encouraged to get an hour of play every day, fueled by nutritious meals, such as ones with milk and dairy products.

It’s an interesting conversation, and you can hear more of what they have to say or download the podcast here:
Milking Parlor Podcast on Communicating Better Using the Dairy Checkoff

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