Changing Global Standards

News EditorMilk, Pfizer

Pfizer Milk Quality Focus offers a perspective on the changing global standards for dairy products in this month’s edition.

The focus on milk quality is increasing, and greater scrutiny at all levels of the dairy supply chain is being seen. The European Union is taking steps toward tighter restrictions on the somatic cell count of milk coming from U.S. dairies, while consumers continue to become more aware of the source and quality of the food they eat.

Panelists representing varied perspectives of the dairy industry supply chain shared their views on changing global standards for dairy products.

A panel discussion held at World Ag Expo explored the topic from several viewpoints, including:

* The impact regulatory changes have on the value and market for dairy products
* How increased focus on milk quality standards impacts milk production
* Opportunities for dairy producers to improve their milk quality

View excerpts from the panel discussion online to learn more about milk quality in a changing global marketplace from Shawna Morris, U.S. Dairy Export Council; Jim Sleper, Land O’ Lakes; Dr. Nicole Ekblom, Atwater Merced Veterinary Clinic; and Christopher Jongsma, South Creek Dairy.

Source: Pfizer Milk Quality Focus