BiOWiSH Gets Organic Certification for Effluent Additive

Cindy ZimmermanWaste Management

BiOWiSH Technologies recently received organic certification from the Washington State Department of Agriculture for an all-natural on-farm effluent management and odor control product. The approval allows the use of BiOWiSH™ Manure & Odor Treatment on organic beef and dairy farms in the United States.

“Organic dairy farmers can now use BiOWISH™ to help break down solids in manure lagoons, preventing the need for costly pump-outs,” said Ian Smith, Senior Executive Vice President for Animal Agriculture. “BiOWiSH™ can also assist farmers in reducing odor emissions and managing nutrient loads in wastewater used to irrigate crops and pastures.”

According to a USDA survey, organic production is poised to grow over the next five years, with more than 78 percent of producers indicating that they plan to maintain or increase production levels.

“Through extensive validation programs in the US and around the world, BiOWiSH™ has proven the ability to reduce sludge by up to 50 percent and significantly reduce odors and emissions by up to 80 percent. These outcomes are particularly important as urban sprawl has put new demands on intensive livestock producers to resolve the issues and resulting complaints,” Smith added.

BiOWiSH™ is a powerful blend of biocatalysts that breaks down complex organic molecules to help eliminate waste, remove odors, enhance water quality, and improve soil fertility, among other uses.

Source: BiOWiSH Technologies