Flavor Face-Off

News EditorIce Cream

Here’s a fun way to celebrate June Dairy Month – Progressive Dairyman’s 2nd Annual Flavor Face-Off. Vote for your favorite ice cream in the bracket! (Although, this News Editor is sad to see a poor showing from the East Coast! Maybe next year…) Vote here.

This year, we asked dairy industry bloggers and Proud to Dairy members — along with returning and new faces to Progressive Dairyman — to join in Flavor Face-Off the fun. The result is a bracket of 16 flavors, pitted against one another in eight match-ups.

Voting for the first round will take place until June 14, at which point the eight winners will face-off to determine the final four, the top two and, finally, the 2011 Ice Cream Flavor Face-Off Champion. Vote today to make sure your favorite reigns supreme.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll also be posting features where you can learn more about two flavors going head-to-head.

Source: Progressive Dairyman