Silk from Milk

Cindy ZimmermanProducts

Milk has gone haute couture, thanks to a fashion designer who is also a microbiologist.

German designer Anke Domaske has perfected a fiber from milk and made it into part of her Mademoiselle Chi Chi clothing line. The silk from milk was first publicly introduced this past summer, but this week it really hit the big time, being picked up by all the major networks and newspapers since it won the innovation award of Germany’s Textile Research Association.

The fabric is called Qmilch, a word Domaske invented that is a combination of quality and the German word for milk, and several companies have now reportedly expressed interest in using the fabric in mass production. The completely organic product is produced from sour milk that is reduced to a protein powder, then boiled and pressed into strands that can be woven into a fabric.

Find out more about Qmilch on the MCC Facebook page and the video below. Also, check out the Penn & Teller video about it here.