MILKBITES Made with Real Milk

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Have you heard about the new product, KRAFT MILKBITE? The snack is made from real milk, combined with granola, and is sold in the refrigerated dairy aisle. Let us know what you think if you’ve tried them!

Introducing a snack like nothing else. KRAFT MilkBite combines real milk with whole grain granola and other tasty and nutritious ingredients, providing the same calcium as an 8 oz. glass of milk.

They’re even cooler when frozen. For a refreshing snack, enjoy your MILKBITE bars directly from the freezer. Or, for a wholesome snack that will thaw by lunchtime, place a frozen bar in your lunch bag or child’s lunchbox.

What makes them different?
• Made with real milk
• 30% daily value of Calcium
• 5g of Protein
• Good source of Fiber and Vitamin D
• No artificial flavor, colors or preservatives
• 7g of Whole Grains per bar

Source: Kraft MILKBITE