Milking Parlor: Comments on RFS Waiver Start

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The high cost of feed, especially corn with its skyrocketing prices because of this year’s drought, is in the forefront of many dairy producers’ minds. The EPA has opened the comment period for a waiver of the Renewable Fuels Standard… a waiver that is hoped to reduce the demand for corn and thus reduce the price for corn. The process is seen as so important that the National Corn Growers Association has asked for another 30 days of comments on top of the month-long process already going on now.

In this edition of the Milking Parlor, we talk to Joel Brandenberger, who while representing the interests of the National Turkey Federation, makes a case similar to what dairy folks are facing. Plus, we’ll also hear from Paragon Economics’ Steve Meyer, Purdue University’s Chris Hurt, the University of Minnesota’s Vernon Eidman, and Tom Buis with Growth Energy, who represents the ethanol industry. They’ll discuss why they think the waiver should or should not be granted and what impact it could have for livestock producers.

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