Healthy People, Healthy Product's and A Healthy Planet

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The National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s annual Trade Talk brought together agricultural journalists and leading agricultural companies to discuss industry issues.

The dairy industry was well represented and I took the opportunity to talk with a representative from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Laura Mandell serves as the Vice President in Sustainability Communications, she shared with me how the U.S. dairy industry is working to increase the industry’s contributions to healthy people, healthy products and a healthy planet.

“When we think about sustainability the dairy producers define it as the ability to provide consumers with the nutritious products – dairy food & beverages – that they’ve come to enjoy in a way that they can ensure it is produced responsibly. Sustainability really means stewardship dairy farmers have a long heritage of providing, ensuring that they perserve their farm for future generations. That they are minimizing the impact on the environment, but also assuring that their farm is profitable as well. And the third piece of that is contributing to the growth and the viability to the communities in which producers work and live.”

On-farm energy efficiency is also a top priority for the Innovation Center. Tools, resources and financial assistance are now available to help dairy producers reduce energy and costs. If you are interested in finding out what you can do on your own farm, contact your local NRCS office and ask about EQIP.

Listen to my interview with Laura here: Laura Mandell - Innovation Center for US Dairy

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