Roker Visits Dairy Farm

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al rokerOne lucky dairy farm family in Tennessee had the morning of a lifetime when weather personality, Al Roker, came to their farm to forecast the weather!

America’s favorite weather guru visited the Hatcher Family Dairy today as part of a “Wake Up with Al” contest in which three families across the country were selected to host the weatherman in their hometown.

So what did Roker learn during his visit?

For one thing, that cows aren’t necessarily the only animals on a dairy farm. Of course, there are plenty of cows around the farm. During his visit, Roker met three Today Show mini-mes: dairy calves named Al, Matt and Savannah. But he also got to sample fresh eggs from farm hens and feed two enthusiastic sheep.

Roker’s take: “This is just like when we bring pizza in for the crew!”

Dairy farming is a family business. The Hatcher farm has been in the family for generations. In fact, five different families all live on the farm and work to keep the business going.

Roker’s take: “It’s fantastic. This is truly a family farm.”

There’s nothing better than a home-cooked dairy breakfast. During his visit, the Hatchers treated Al to a traditional, farm-fresh breakfast that included eggs, bacon, rolls and of course milk.

Roker’s take: “If this is what I got every day, I’d be working on the farm, sure enough.”

Dairy farming takes a lot of hard work. While in Tennessee, Al got just a taste of the exhausting work on a dairy farm, including feeding the animals and working in the creamery.

Roker’s take: “I wouldn’t last long.”

Source: Dairy Good