Organic Valley Coop Debuts New Products

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organic valley grassfed milkOrganic Valley Cooperative has launched “Grassmilk” — a line of non-homogenized, minimally pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows, and introduced lactose-free whole milk and half-and-half. It also sells milk fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids.

The company’s “Omega-3 Milk” sprang from the realization that many young mothers relied on baby formula fortified with these fatty acids and would be seeking fortified milk for their toddlers, he said.

Its lactose-free products, in which a natural enzyme has broken lactose into simpler sugars, allow people to enjoy milk that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to comfortably digest it, he said.

As for Grassmilk, the cooperative recognized a demand from consumers for a product from cows fed nothing but grass, Hughes said. Farmers in the cooperative are already very pasture-based and the “grass-fed” category has made strides in the beef market.

The product is meant to appeal to the “artisan” food crowd, as the lack of homogenization allows cream to clump and rise to the top, which many milk consumers aren’t accustomed to, he said. The lower intensity of pasteurization also reduces shelf life and adds complexity to distribution.

Source: Capital Ag Press