Growers Benefit from New Approach to Finding Silage Info

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Alfalfa, Forage, Technology

5141fa0fc5f51.imageForage growers who are looking for online management information now have an intelligent alternative to a catchall Internet search. The Silage Zone a resource from is newly redesigned and organized based on forage growers’ seasonal activities of planting, growing, harvesting, storing and feeding.

“This new approach displays decades of experience from forage experts in a more user-friendly, focused format,” says Dan Jamison, DuPont Pioneer marketing communications manager for forages. “The site now offers a better grower experience with information that is more relevant to the season.”

The resource site contains a broad range of articles for each activity tab. All five include both alfalfa and corn silage articles. Growers can also link to agronomy articles and current product information pages on

Pioneer dairy, livestock and nutrition specialists have consolidated production and management information about silage into one manual and it’s now available to growers, students, university extension, nutritionists and anyone interested in learning more about forages. It also offers an entire range of information on plant genetics, crop-specific forage additives, silage know-how and local services.

Order The Silage Zone Manual online at or contact your local Pioneer sales professional for more information.