Landmark Services Coop Launches ProfitEDGE Program

Jamie JohansenAccelerated Genetics, Ag Group, cooperatives

Landmark Services Cooperative introduces ProfitEDGE, a new program to help dairy producers be most profitable and efficient. ProfitEDGE is a full-service approach to dairy production, with the Landmark team of nutritionists and agronomists collaborating with a group of industry partners to help dairy producers establish management and production goals and create timelines for achieving those goals.

Through the program producers learn and utilize new technologies and build a toolbox of management practices from seed to feed to the milking parlor.

“Producers today have several tools to be most efficient and profitable on their operations; new technologies are available, new strategies can always be learned and new studies improve productivity. ProfitEDGE brings these pieces together, helping the producer decide which tools are right for their operation and then creating a plan for implementing these tools,” says John Binversie, Dairy Team Leader for Landmark Services Cooperative.

“Through the program, we sit down with farm managers, discuss their goals and create a plan to help them achieve those goals,” Binversie says. “Writing down the plan with dates for farm visits, trainings and measurable objectives helps keep the producer moving forward through a team approach.”

The ProfitEDGE program includes a variety of tools and strategies that are customized to the individual dairy, with some dairies utilizing all services and others making use of specific expertise based on needs.

Potential components include:
– On-farm audits from the fields to calf and heifer facilities and the milking parlor.
– Ration formulation and adjustments based on herd performance and available feedstuffs.
– Bunker density and feed inventory assessments.
– Field planning, nutrient management and crop sampling programs.
– Grain marketing and purchasing guidance through marketplace analysis.
– Fuel and energy purchasing and planning programs for efficient purchases.
– Software training for maximized investment of herd and forage management computer programs
– Workforce development training opportunities for optimal employee involvement, growth and leadership.

“Our main focus is to find areas of opportunity for increased operational efficiency for dairy farms,” says Joe Gier, Animal Nutrition Team Leader for Landmark Services Cooperative. “Through the ProfitEDGE program, producers are able to work with experts from Landmark’s five divisions along with our industry partners to learn ideas for improved efficiency. This ongoing team approach between the producer, the Landmark team and our industry partners creates a team of proven expertise – giving producers an edge in the industry and an edge in profitability.”

After creating a ProfitEDGE plan, the Landmark team works with the producer to follow the plan and achieve goals by scheduling on-farm visits and consultations. Any dairy producer involved in animal agriculture can sign-up for the ProfitEDGE program.